2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Yes You Can Learn and Develop Any Skills, Talents and Abilities

We Can Learn All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens and Enables Us – I can do everything through Christ

Yes, We Can Also Learn Spiritual Godliness Disciplines.


We can learn any self-improvement skill in life.  We can learn all manner of assembly, construction, building, arranging and decorating but we will never be creators.  God alone is the Creator and the giver of good gifts. 

What we have and what we are enabled to do or attain is all due to the gifts and His enabling power.

Yes we can even learn the skill of spiritual discipline. The ‘self’ in our soul is provided with the ability to connect and respond back to God.  We do that by giving praises to Him with thanksgiving.  We also do that by worshiping Him with our obedience to the law of love which has been implanted within each of our conscience.

This law of love requires that what we have been given and what we have acquired a learned skill at, that everything be shared for the pleasurable enjoyment of and by others for the glory of God. 

If we can praise God and thank Him for what we have received from Him then no action or activity can be sin but let us not stop there for…

The important thing to remember here is that the law of love has to be fulfilled and at the core of this fulfillment is the requirement that the Holy Spirit has to be dwelling within our human spirit and that our self worship be denied.

It is also required from this law that we seek not any personal accolades or approvals although they surely will come when we see what God will do though us, by us and in us.

It is the fruit of the Holy Spirit within us that must be first and foremost visible to those who observe us.

A humble spirit will always acknowledge the gifts as having come from God the giver of good and perfect gifts.

Accept God’s gifts and praise Him in our worship through our obedience.

Otherwise all things we do are for self-adoration, self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement.

 Imagine that your life is as a game of learned skills and abilities. You attempt to keep everything in some sort of harmony.  It is sort of like the skill of juggling five balls in the air just as demonstrated in the above video.

Most of us would agree that these five area which we seek to keep in a sort of harmony are:
  • work,
  • family,
  • health,
  • friends and
  • spirituality
Let us assume that you are keeping all five in the air in symmetry. We all know that our work location and our work assignments may varry and change and that ball would be like a rubber ball which comes bouncing back to you for further juggling.
But what about the other activities of life which you have to continuously juggle – they are not as flexible as the rubber ball f employment and work.
What about – your immediate and your extended family relationships?
What about the health of those you are responsible for and your own health?
What about your close friends and your church family?
What about the spiritual nourishment to help you mature in your walk of faith?
These activities we need to be mindful of in our daily juggling efforts for they are fragile and easily marred or broken – even sometimes  irreparable like a glass ball.  If we neglect one of these areas of our life, and we are not living out the law of love as set forth by God Himself – then for sure we will think more of our self and less of others.
Others may become discarded, damaged or corrupted, ignored and rejected.

How do we need to work at keeping this juggling act balanced?

Never compare yourself to others.  Your environment and your history provided you with that which made you “YOU”.
Realize that the purpose of your life is to glorify God in your service to others and your obedience to Him.  Only God knows what is best for you, you do not have the full picture.  We are creatures of fragmentation – given a new puzzle piece as we need them.
Never take anything for granted, but in all things give thanks to God and express your gratefulness for His faithful supply of sufficiency.  Without Christ in you and in me, life is meaningless – it’s all meaningless under the sun.
Life in Christ must be lived in the active present tense for God is always the I AM present tense.  Reject all thoughts that would lead you to live in the past tens.  Reject all thought that would have you fantasize about the future for it is not ours to know.
Build dreams and goals on the hope and in the faithing activity that says “If God wills we will do this or do that.”
You will always have something to pass along to others – we will never run out of God’s love, mercy, kindness, gentleness, generosity and patience for those do not have an expiry date.  Trying to be nicer and kinder is not an option, it is our duty to learn these godly disciplines and as we learn how to receive from God what He gives we will be able to see that He is the one passing everything along to others through us and our obedience.
Doubt everything you have ever learned but never doubt the perfect character of God.
Reject any thoughts of fear, for we have been called to be courageous in Him.
Seek risk to experience areas of vulnerabilities and then go to God and believe He will take care of consequences should you stumble along the way.  Never fear man and always trust God.
Love is not a feeling, it is an act of obedience to God.  Love is therefore not ours to keep for it belongs to the essence of God.
The essence of God must return to Him in obedience to His law of love, otherwise we become the ones who self worship ourselves and that self interest and self indulgence becomes the journey of what the secular community calls “mental illness”.

Love can never take wings – it must be given and then received and passed along.

Every person has needs and we are called to minister to the need of those in need.  If we do not have our needs met they become subconscious cravings and desires which will lead us into self-satisfaction attempts and we are never be able to become self-sufficient for we are created to be creatures of need.

Listen and speak very little!  It cannot be said more clearly especially to those of us who go by the name of Christian SAINTS. Pay attention to the emotions need of others.

Knowledge carries a lot of weight for the more we know the greater our responsibility becomes.


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