2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

How beautiful are the words of those who speak what is in truth.

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WHITE -RED – BLACK – GREEN – The colors of TROUBLE to COME!!!

Colors Do Matter in the Scriptures

Pay Close Attention!

No matter what your take on end-times prophetic understanding, this is sure to add some color into the mix.

Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.01.33

All countries who will be leading WW III will come from these Colors.

Why is ISIS in Syria and in Iraq?

Who do the Palestinians belong to historically – not Palestine but to Jordan according to flag affiliation.

Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.01.57 Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.02.38

Where do Palestinians belong?

What country is their real home from where they originated?

Colors tell a story – flags tell a history.

Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.03.12 Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.04.11 Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.04.29 Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.04.44 Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.04.59 Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.05.10 Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.05.20

Why is ISIS in Syria and in Iraq?

Historically they were one empire.


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 THE DISCLAIMER:                                                                                                                               I probably do not agree with everything that anyone has to say in their articles on this site, nor have I ever totally agreed with anyone I have met in life. This probably includes you also. And there probably isn’t anyone out there who agrees with everything I believe or have to say either. I am not your spiritual father, teacher, and definitely not your Lord or the Holy Spirit, nor am I your priest (See Matt23:8-10, Heb3:1, 1Peter2:9, etc). If I only placed articles on my site that I considered perfect, then I probably wouldn’t be able to place any articles on my site ever, including my own. Now that I have said that, I do believe there is truth to be found in every article on my site. It is up to you and the Holy Spirit in you to discern what is good, and to ponder or reject the rest. So, that is all I have to say about that, thus ending my disclaimer. :)                                                                                    I liked this disclaimer so I borrowed it. Garry G. Laser
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