2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Belief in Lies Results in Negative Behavior and Wrong Actions

Belief - behavior-results

When a lie is believed our behavior is controlled by the liar.

Native Americans discovered Columbus lost at sea

Always fully investigate TRUTH before believing in lies

But once truth is revealed, truth proves us to have been a fool .

Why not investigate fully what could be the truth before the truth proves you to have been a fool?

Yes, sometimes we can be mistaken.  But even a mistake when it is believed will result in behavior actions which identify that we are not paying attention to what is in truth.

Thus we become a slave to the lie and must do what the lie inherently suggests we must do.

We have no alternative but to become the servant of the liar when we believe his lies.

Our response emotions become triggered within our subconscious mind and we end up believing even more lies about ourselves and others.  Our day can become one of those bad days of life.  Eventually many a person succumbs to living by habituated emotional responses and develops emotional disorders.  The DSM is filled with just such multitude of developed mental and emotional health issues.

Watch what happens when the truth is not fully investigated.


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