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Psychiatry Kills! Everyone Becomes Guilty of having a Mental Disorder! Psychiatry is about Control!

Psychiatry is only a controlling tool

used by “the Evil One”


Psycho-theory-therapy-logic is a very powerful instrument of control which brings with it an ever increasing occurrence of physical suicidal death.

Religion is also a very powerful instrument of control which brings with it an ever increasing occurrence of moral and legalistic enslavement to religious doctrines, and leaders.

Religion is only one tool in this same tool box of the “evil one” and no different than psychiatry, communism, fascism, secularism and Qur’anism.

No person ever has full control over their behavior. What they actually believe will forcefully affect their behavior and thus bring to the forefront their beliefs in visible action.
When a judge believes a lie spoken by the psycho-theory-therapist-logic advocate, that judge will decide on the side of action which is believed and spoken by the liar.
If a person believes that God is an angry ugly and evil controlling God who offers no liberty and freedom then such a person will undoubtedly not be able to believe that total freedom is found in the purest essence of love and when one is a slave to real LOVE such a person will bring forth activity which is beneficial to others and ultimately to ourselves.  It has even been researched that those who believe in an angry God develop mental health issues.  There are also many so called Christians who believe in many lies about the perfect Love character of God.  Many believe God is the originator of evil and needs evil in order to be fully glorified when He punishes them for doing what He made them do in the first place (as Calvinists believe)
Freedom does not come by rejecting authority if that authority is at its core interested only in the best interest of what provides pleasurable benefits to one’s own life. We have all heard the term “benevolent dictator”.  How can such an oxymoron shed light on the benefits a person can receive from that dictator if one permits him to rule their life?
If I, by my volition, decide that I want to not have any controls over me then I am most free when I embrace the will of the person who we say wants to control us.  I hope you get this truth.

A slave who wants to do the master’s will is more free than the slave who fights his master every step of the way.

I do agree that all religion is a form of control as is all psychiatry.
Living by the law of love has nothing to do with religion; but the law that says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the only law that provides for total freedom and liberty.
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