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Psychiatry Videos – Does Mental Illness Exist? What about Schizophrenia?

 The Most Shocking Documentary

To Watch Video – click above and see what Psycho-Theory-Therapy-Logic is all about

This video however does accurately present historical evidences on the abuses under the umbrella of the medical and scientific profession which goes by the name of psychiatry.

 psychiatric abuse

  This site, Free 2 Know Your Self . com does not recommend you engage in pursuing interest in Scientology.  We are strongly opposed to false and anti Christ religious understandings and teachings.

View with a heart for Jesus and for those suffering at the hands of pseudo-scientific Mal-practitioners.


DSM-V Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scamimages dsm books

Is it possible that there will never be any biological scientific evidence to support the claims made by psycho-theory-therapists?  Since when is the mind the brain?  Since when is that which is non-corporeal able to be diagnosed as being something tangible, physical and biological?  Watch what experts have to say about this pseudo-science. 

 Press play on the video below


PSYCHO THEORY THERAPY LOGIC STINKS   Soulology 101 From Whence Cometh Mental Illness an Introduction


And I mean it!

If you want to keep believing the lies you have been told you may as well keep on living in your hellish life here on Earth but if you call yourself a Christian you are required to believe in truth – it’s not your freedom of choice or your free will to do otherwise.

  The following video needs to be watched by every person who is medicated by prescription psychotropics.  My question to the church of God – and by that I mean every person who claims to believe in the truth of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, is this, “Why have we bought into the lies of Satan when we know the truth and the truth will set us free?”

Why oh why do so many Christians belong to this group labeled with any number of stigmatizing labels as published in the DSM-5 also known as the compendium of mental health disorders?  Click on the video title below to watch it on YouTube.

“There Is No Such Thing as Mental Illness”

The Great Pyschiatry ScamWINNER – in the category of Psychology at the 2009 Next Generation INDIE Book Awards! The Great Psychiatry Scam provides a detailed criticism of the profession of psychiatry, told from an autobiographical perspective. The critique expands on the analysis published in his book with Alvin Pam, Pseudoscience in Biological Psychiatry. Serious errors in logic, scholarship and standards of thought in psychiatry are exposed by Dr. Ross through humor, satire, autobiographical sketches and analysis. The field of psychiatry is not a branch of medicine in its current form. There is a posture of science, but the real substance of science is absent. Instead, psychiatry is dominated by folklore, anecdote and superstition. Fixing psychiatry requires two initial steps: acknowledging the state of the field, and devoting serious money and resources to mental health. Dr. Ross exposes the forlorn state of the field and proposes a solution, which can be found in his book, The Trauma Model.



Is Being Human a Mental Disorder

Struggles with DSM 5


Soulology 101-From Whence Cometh Mental Illness - an Introduction We can all somehow come to understand that psychiatry is a scam after we have just watched the video above but do we know what the real missing link is that psycho-theory-therapy-logic keeps refusing to admit into a full investigation of what is in truth?  Find out and order this book today.



 Does Mental Illness Really Exist?

Can a dysfunction of a non physical – a non-corporeal capacity or component of man such as his soul  be cured by a physical chemical?

Can a belief in one lie change the character of a person which had believed in another lie previously? The answer to this last question is “yes”.  A person who once believed they were unlovable can change his beliefs to believe that they are now lovable.  Is that possibly all that psychiatry can do for a person with “mental illness”?  If character can be changed by belief in a partial truth, can you imagine what is possible when one believes in Real Truth and the fullness of that essence?

What about schizophrenia?





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