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Seduction by Sexy Gospel

Seduction Sounds So Sweet


When it Involves Chocolate …




Seduction Sounds So Sexy

When it Involves Your Sweetie…


But Seduction of Christianity and Psychological Seduction in the Church…

Just How Did That Happen?

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689328 The Bible clearly states that a great Apostasy must occur before Christ’s second coming. Today Christians are being deceived by a world view more subtle and more seductive than any before.


What are the dangers in the growing acceptance and practice of—

  • positive and possibility thinking
  • healing of memories
  • self-help philosophies
  • holistic medicine

The seduction of Christianity will not appear as a frontal assault or oppression of our religious beliefs. Instead, it will come as the latest fashionable philosophies offering to make us  happier, healthier, better educated, and even more spiritual.


A compelling look at the times we live in. A clear call to every believer to choose between the original and the counterfeit. Only then can we hope to escape The Seduction of Christianity.













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