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Oh Lord My GOD How Great Thou Art


Inspire the soul and it’s bound to happen, We will either praise God and worship Him in and by obedience to Him or we will reject the truth and believe a lie. Because we are born with the presence of truth banked into our conscience we actually do reject the truth and accept the lie. At rebirth we must then learn to capture every thought and then reject the lies by addressing them with truth.

It is good to consider the philosophy of life

Can We Make A Case For The Existence of the Human Soul?

Psychiatry deals with the psyche of man.  The word psyche sounds a lot better than soul for the word soul has the implied understanding that there in an involvement of a spirit as well.  In order to deny the existence of man’s spiritual life functioning capacity, we have been presented with the word ‘psychology’.

Within the arena of psychological studies we are often made to believe that the soul is the mind.

Sometimes we are also given to believe that the brain is the greatest valuable asset to psychological research and study. Science wants to study that which is factual and visible yet the psyche is far from being a visible organ.

Watch us make the case for a living soul


 Soulology 301 On Schmuckzoid's Disorder

Okay, so there is this thing we call the ‘becoming soul’, but just how do we become that “despicable old me” in the self of our soul?


Although the following video refers to the selection process normally associated with evolution, we suggest you retain that which is of interest and factual abut the brain and realize that the brain is the playground of the invisible and incorporeal part of our being – the soul.

The soul is a no brainer.

The soul does not need the tissue of this organ.

Within the soul-logical life functioning capacity of man is where we see with reason and logic according to the parameters of what is in truth and what is of a lie.  But that also depends on whether our human spirit is under the control of the essence of truth or under the control of the negator of truth.

When we reject the psychiatric notion of the psyche – soul, we see things one way.  But when we look at the soul as being a no brainer entity we can understand what the Spirit of God teaches us.  And what He teaches us is found in the inspired Scriptures.

When we look at the Scriptural understanding of the mind, the volition and the emotions we can see that the soul does not need to forever be tied to a physical organ of the body which is known as the brain.

When the human spirit of man is re-birthed it’s function is to bring the dysfunctional soul and thus the disorders of the mind and the emotions, under the governance of the Holy Spirit.

This governance is where we come to understand how the mind of Christ can become active within us.

This governance of the Holy Spirit is where we become enabled to desire doing the will of God.  We seek His will to override the willful and intentful desires and cravings we had habitually developed since childhood.

Under the governance of the Holy Spirit we also find that our renegade and often memory triggered and undesirable emotions become  a thing of the past.  We learn to live under the willed affections of God and not under the rule of emotions.  By this we can tell when a person is governed by the Holy Spirit – when the emotions become willed by the presence of affections .

Is it true that a soul is a no brainer reality?

Is it true that the soul must then be under the control of a non physical reality – possibly something like a spiritual invisible reality which does not require a physical brain mass to be what it is?


Are thought seeds of right and wrong implanted in the brain organ or do they originate from outside of us?

If they originate from outside of us is there then a reality of moral right and moral wrong which must be considered as belonging to a spiritual source?

If right and wrong are located within and derived from an outside of us spiritual source which is invisible, how does a belief in a lie become the activity we do physically?  – If we believe we can protect ourselves by speaking a lie, we will speak a lie when we want to protect ourselves or others.

How is it that believing in what is the essence of truth will lead to behavior and action that is contrary to self-serving and self-indulging activity?


In order to have a better understanding of this Trinitarian God may I suggest you take some time and view the following video.

Where is all essence of truth and all essence of love sourced from?

To understand God to some degree we need to know what the essence of love is.

Soulology 201How many persons does it require for the essence of love to be LOVE?

If the self in our soul derives its spiritual energizing from a spiritual source, then it must be of importance to mankind and those who study the psyche to conduct a full investigation as to what kind of effects such character sourcing must bring about within the living and becoming soul of man.

When is the  essence and purity of truth corrupted?  Is it not when truth has been negated or at least presented in a thought seed manner where a suggestive doubt has been planted with intent?

It is for this reason that we must seek to understand not only who God is and His attributes but also seek to understand what God is in His functionality and activity.

To understand how man becomes a living soul, we must learn how God functions and how such activity of essence becomes corrupted by what we believe.

It is highly recommended that you order the book “Heaven and Hell – The Logic of Real Love” in order to understand the laws of essence of the Trinitarian God I believe in as evidenced in the inspired Scriptures.







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