2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Thought Sourcing, Fantasies and Thought Crimes

Thought Sourcing, Fantasizing and Thought Crimes – a very interesting & disturbing case thought police - thought crimes

Do not watch the video if you are easily offended with images of sexual perversion.

Warning! Content is very disturbing. MATURE AUDIENCE content includes descriptive sexual perversion. Do not watch if you are a weak Christian, a fake “Christian” or are easily sexually aroused by dark fetishes.

Do closed minds stop thought crimes or do controlled mind stop thought crimes?  And if controlled minds stop thought crimes, one must determine who is in control of the mind.  Every crime which is ever committed is under the mind control of the one whose lies a person believes.

This is an interesting case for anyone who believes that evil thoughts are not wrong or that sourcing evil thoughts do not lead to the activity involving crimes.. They are when they are an offense against what you know to be right for then they will be an offense against the essence of truth, right, good, love and life..


In this post I seek to address the issues of thought crimes as it relates to the New York Police referred to as the “Cannibal Cop” – 2015 who was charged with thought crimes.

Cannibal Cop-2015 Mature Audience 

I do not have the rights to this video.

 Apparently we do not have the final say as to who we are for too many of us hide from that ugly side ourselves.  What I find interesting though is that all of my  interest has been in the pursuit of understanding what I call thought sourcing.

Every person has a conscience and an inner intuition.  When we engage these actively in a present tense situation of living, we will have the knowledge as to what to stay away from – that is the moral conscience.
The intuition is the inner direction sense that we must be nicer, better etc.
This is the knowledge of good but it is not the essence of good.

When we humans reject the knowledge of what is good, right, truth and love for the other person – according to our conscience, we negate that character.

Love your neighbor and your enemy then becomes serve yourself, indulge yourself and bring about your own pleasures according to what you yourself want.  That is contrary to the law of love we all know about.

Such a self-centered and self-focused life can go in two different directions with varying degrees on a gradient line – utterly wicked to utterly  self-aggrandizing through volunteer doucheism.

All moral thought of right or wrong, normal or deviant, ethical or non-ethical are rooted in either a proactive social deference manner as identified by the conscience.

By this I mean that the thoughts will be self arrested and brought into the control of the knowledge of what is right and good for the next person even if we need to forgo a pleasurable fantasy or a nightmarish, putrid and dark sided fetish.

Following your conscience and intuition, which has not been previously rejected and reduced as being worthless in our estimation, will result in what we call a good person – without having to engage any form of religiosity to those morals.

The knowledge of what good, right, truth and love is can become relegated to one’s last resort of choice.  Conscience can be covered over and hidden and when that occurs, the thoughts which are entered into which are self-serving and self-indulging will take on the formation of neuro-circuitry within the brain which then becomes the go-to pathway and become rooted beliefs within lies.

All rooted beliefs in lies will bring forth subconscious behavior which goes down the habituated pathways of our brain’s circuitry.

+Garry Laser Nice words Mr. Laser. This insight you wrote is my favorite where you write, “All rooted beliefs in lies will bring forth subconscious behavior which goes down the habituated pathways of our brain’s circuitry.” TY,  Doc Nuccitelli  (Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D.)


Behavior is what our inner thoughts, attitudes and the non-corporeal character is like.  This behavior is us and it will eventually come forth in action outwardly.  Telling a lie comes from the inner behavior that my interest comes before that of the other person.

The conscience and intuition together with the human forefending system all belong to what is non-corporeal and thus are what belong to the spiritual life functioning capacity of man.

A lie can never come about without the presence of a absolute truth.  A theft can never come about without the presence of an absolute honest integrity.  Self-serving and self-indulging pleasure seeking would never be possible without the presence of a pure other toward self-giving love.

Everything that is of absolute moral right and good, truth and love needs to be negated in order for evil to exist.

Evil therefore is the activity of a lesser valuable spiritual source for evil is the activity of taking that which is perfect and good, right and true, love and kind as well as patient and forgiving and twisting that character by negating it – diminishing the highest worth ship of that value and degrading it so that one’s desires become self focused and not other focused – to the varying degrees of one’s habituation pathways.

Evil therefore is a non-corporeal spiritual activity which takes moral right and morphs it into degenerate, perverse dysfunction within social and relational experiences.

This is what the symptoms of mental illness are all based on – beliefs in lies about one’s self, about others and about one’s spiritual supply of sufficiency.

If a person does not believe in a God or in gods, they become their own god who has failed to provide their needs and then they go forth to seek to satisfy their needs at other peoples’ and other creatures’ expense because they are a very very insufficient inadequate self-resource.  They need others to satisfy their needs for all humans are creatures of need.

In the Christian Scriptures we find that Jesus commented on this very condition of thought sourcing guilt.  If what you engage your thoughts in is not for the pleasurable benefit of the other person but is an attempt to satisfy your own personal self indulging agenda, you have already violated the law of love for the other – yes even in your thoughts.

If you lust after another you have already committed the sin of violating the law of love which says to love God first and foremost, love others next and love your enemies – in other words, always seek what is best for them in a moral right social deference manner.

The law of love says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This is a proactive law not a reactive responsive law.


I do agree that thought crimes within society must not result in guilty verdicts just for the sake of controlling potential bad action.  But bu saying that I do not suggest that they are innocent of that crime for they have violated the very law of love within their conscience.  They are guilty of having transgressed against it.

The recent Charleston church massacre by Dylann Roof is again evidence that thought crimes will result in actual crime activity.

The good part in this understanding is that we do have ONE who judges the heart and soul of mankind according to the very law of love, in all righteousness and in the fulness of truth.  He is the one who knows what is of the body, and what is of the soul and from what spiritual source those thoughts were derived from.

Does the internet provide markers that direct one to go even deeper into the deception of what evil calls “private fantasizing pleasures that cause no harm to others”?  Is technology complicit in sin?  Is the person who aides and abets another just as guilty when they post and place tagging markers that lure a person right into the path of utter evil?  Of course, they too have sourced their evil thoughts from the same source that has and is still negating love, right and truth as well as good, light and life.

getting the black dog under control

With self effort – the black dog will always be there and tug at the leash to move you along, but when you have died spiritually to that black dog, then your thoughts must be focused on life, love, truth and right, simply because the new life is a voluntary surrender to the essence of the new master – Jesus Christ.

It however remains each person’s own responsibility to capture their thoughts and bring them into the obedience of what they instinctively know to be right, good and pleasurable.  The problem here though, is that to only have the resources of self effort by which to combat evil thoughts, there will never be a sufficiency of will power at all times. You will fail more often than not if you rely on self-effort.

What a person needs is to experience the death of such an ugly inner self and that can only happen on a spiritual level where one repents  by the power and the presence of the indwelling essence of love which is The Almighty one and only true God in Christ Jesus.

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