2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Mental Illness? Rooted in the Subconscious Deep? Ruled by Emotions?

Your subconscious responses are ruled by your past experiences often rooted in the many beliefs in lies you have accepted as being true.

Mental Illness? Deep within your subconscious mind is a putrid cesspool of beliefs in lies

The subconscious deep is the place where all beliefs in lies are stored.  The mind is not the brain.  The mind is your intangible mental function of your incorporeal soul.

Your brain on the other hand is your tangible matter within your skull and it is used as a playground of thought engagement using reasoning, logic, deduction, resulting in determinant conclusions together with past life experiences, attachments of emotions to those memories and your volition also known as your will.  These intangible activities of the incorporeal soul all use the brain as a playground by use of developing neuro-pathways.  But there is one element which is often neglected and that is the spiritual thought sourcing and the spiritual life functioning capacity.

Within this spiritual life functioning capacity is located the knowledge data bank of the conscience – it comes filled by God with the knowledge of Truth; the human intuition – it is a spiritual GPS which always directs a person to do better, be kinder, act faithfully, maintain harmony, seek peace with others, be more patient and much more.  Plus we find the spiritual forefending system within this life functioning capacity as well – the pre-warning system that tells you that you need to get up and get a drink of water because you have developed a symptom known as thirst, or it lets you experience the symptoms of loneliness because you have disassociated yourself from social interaction and relational community.

When a person believes that all they need to do is to learn new habits to change old bad habits, they will only live according to habits again and I guess that is okay with those who do not wnt to experience New Life. It is a sad way to live if you can only ever draw on past beliefs and past experiences and not experience the dynamic of active present tense faithing.  Most individuals do not know what it is like to live in the present tense of what it means to love.

Why not live according to what is in the present tense. The present tense requires knowledge of what is right, good, true and according to the law of perfect love the present tense of faithing will always direct us to engage in other toward caring.

Your conscience is the place of this ‘knowledge of truth data bank’. For those who do not know, the human conscience belongs to the spiritual life functioning capacity of man and it is the place of knowledge of what is moral right.

Knowledge of true facts alone is insufficient for experiencing truth. Truth can only be experienced within a community and within a relationship with others. And if truth is not manifested and expressed in love and faithfulness true facts remain nothing but true facts which are of no benefit to others at all.  It therefore stands to reason that the essence of what truth and the essence of love is, is not a thing or a force but a Person of absolute reality living out His life in us, as us and through us humans in a relational community for the benefit to others.  G. G. Laser 2016

Truth must be communicated from someone that is alive and living in the presence of a truth teller. A truth teller is someone who does not lie – He is faithful to the essence of truth and cannot tell a lie.

A liar on the other hand, tells lies even if and when at times they may be speaking true facts. We have all told lies to others and ourselves and have often believed in lies too. 

What fools we are if we refuse to fully investigate the essence of the Person of Truth from whom the character of truth telling is derived and by which we receive the ability to shatter strongholds of beliefs in lies which control our lives from the deep of our subconsciously stored beliefs.

Truth and Love is a present tense activity within a relational community.

Because we only have knowledge of true facts and only knowledge of what is right and only knowledge of what actions love must be engaged in, we can only ever  hope, at the very best, to be a vessel through whom such good things of relationships can flow.

The knowledge of what is good and right does not equate with the living out  of what is good and right.  Even the Apostle Paul talks about not doing what he knows he ought to be like in Romans 7.  A vessel can only ever contain knowledge content.  The vessel however is never the content.  The content has to be energized from a spiritual source and this source is by default the self-for-self character of Satan until spiritual re-birth is granted by the other spiritual source who is God.  Why would a vessel believe it is the source of this essences unless it believes in lies and says, ‘we are self-sufficient or self-resourceful’? We are not anything other than the users of this knowledge prior to being born again and all such knowledge will always be used in personal pride, in self-indulgence, in using of others for personal benefit and at the expense of others in relationships.  But once the essence of Love, Right, Good, Faithfulness and Truth comes to dwell within our human spirit we become energized and empowered to step back from wanting to run our own lives and give the governance of our “self” to our Heavenly Father and LORD Jesus, – the Christ. who came to save us from our sins and self-serving life.

We are dependent on a spiritual source.

Believe in the essence of the Person of Truth and mental illness does not control you.

Believe in lies and the liar controls you and mental illness is yours to keep and grovel in.

Reject the beliefs of your subconscious deep and live by the social deference manner of right, truth and love as contained within your conscience. But why not take your investigation a step further and actually believe in the Person of Truth and love and such essence will then dwell in you and become a part of your community of relationships.


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