2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.
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The Soul of Man is a “No Brainer”

How is it possible for the soul of man to function without a brain organ?

Although I do not agree with all of his take on things, I find this to be rather educational in understanding that the soul is not part of the brain organ.

Are thought seeds of right and wrong implanted in the brain organ or do they originate from outside of us?

If they originate from outside of us is there then a reality of moral right and moral wrong which must be considered as belonging to a spiritual source?

If right and wrong are located within and derived from an outside of us spiritual source which is invisible, how does our belief in a lie become the activity we do physically?  –For example — If we believe we can protect ourselves by speaking a lie, we will speak a lie when we want to protect ourselves or others.

How is it that believing in what is the essence of truth will lead to behavior and action that is contrary to self-serving and self-indulging activity?

Consider the following story:

A man was driving down the freeway in his shiny new Ferrari and as he was already going just a small bit faster than the permitted speed he kept looking for the obvious signs of speed traps ahead.

But to his annoyance, the flashing lights of authority became visible in his rear-view mirror.

Where did that cop come from?

How can he tell I am speeding from behind me?

He kept on driving as if he had nothing to worry about but in the distance he could still see the flashing lights.

This annoyed him exceedingly much and he decided to take his new Ferrari to the limit.  He stepped on the gas and sped off.

He kept increasing the distance between himself and the police lights behind him and as he weaved in and out of traffic he thought he had left the cop car in the dust.

But no sooner had he thought that he was in the clear, the cop was right beside him with and ordered him to pull over.

That dang copper must have turned off his lights and snuck up without notice.

Clearly upset at being caught, he nevertheless decided to pull over.

The police parked behind him and slowly got out of his car.  He made his way to the drivers rolled down window and with a big smile on his face he asked him for his driver’s license.

The cop took his time looking over the driver’s license he was just given and said, “If you can give me a reason as to why you sped off on me back there, mind you, it has to be a reason I have never heard before, then I will not give you a ticket.

The Ferrari driver thought for a while and said, “Well you see officer, the last time my wife and I were driving together, she got pulled over for speeding.  When the sheriff got her information, he let her go without a ticket but not long after she left me for that younger officer.  And when I spotted your lights behind me  I was afraid that you were that officer and wanted to catch up with me and dump her back on me.  And I just did not want any part of her again.”


This funny story demonstrates just how easy we find it to tell a lie if we feel we can benefit from a lie.  The thought seed source suggested that we can serve ourselves best.  If truth is going to cost me then maybe I should tell a lie – that has been with us since the Garden.

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