2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

How beautiful are the words of those who speak what is in truth.

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The Sorry Story of Being a Crow

 I Once Was Only a Simple Black Crow

The Sorry Story of Being a Crow


I once was only a simple black crow

I knew what I knew

I did what I did

My soul was free to soar with the winds of change.

Then one day another crow moved into the hood

That crow said he knew more than I understood

He was a shrink and said I had a think disorder

He said I was thirsty for a drink .


That shrink of a crow said I was really a sorry sad story

and that I really could be all what I wanted to be

If only I paid the shrink to teach me to think.

From then on my life was under the control of my shrink.


Now I was going to become more than just a simple black crow.

I was going to become a new breed in what they call

The self-actualization and self-awareness crowflyology.

I was a bird with much inner potential for change.


I became a seeking black crow

a believer in my self-resourcefulness

A believer in the oneness of my being with the universe

I used to call my new teacher Opfra Crowpfa.


One day Opfra Crowpfa said to me

“Have a good look at the sorry sad state of your life

and consider what you want to change about yourself.”

I soon became the best self-aware crow around.


I begun to see what I was missing out on in life.

I actually believed what that Opfra Crow once told me.

He said, “Fly as straight as a crow flies to Winnipeg.

They have seminars and good teachers there.”

I flew there as fast as I could and found the one for me.
Oh, I’ll tell you that story about that cool dark Winnipegger lookout Crow later,

She was a beautiful sleek and a supper smart bird.

She even once told me this secret she had heard from some bird analyst

She told me this – that I had it in my “self” to be what I wanted to be.


“Go away.” I told her,

“I really do have it in me to be all I want to be?”

It took a while but eventually I eventually believed.

I believed I had what it takes to make my “self” the best I could.

I believed in myself and in my abilities – yes I did.


I even began to take a part time job with crows against drunk drivers.

I figured I’d learn to protect myself and others from a premature death.

I believed I could flirt with death on the highways and freeways, the streets and the lanes.

I believed that I was a self-generating and self-sufficient.


I believed I was an all-around self-resourceful individualist bird of color.

Nobody knew better than I did what my purpose was to be in life.

How dare they give me a label of black when that was only my color.

How dare they make me eat roadside kill and munch on trash.


I looked at myself and at my past life

and then I realized just how abused and victimized I had become by the bullies of society.

I had become the “garbage picker upper” slave for all the vermin who couldn’t cross the road fast enough.

I even remembered watching a chicken trying to cross a busy road a few years back.


Do you know what happened to the chicken that tried to cross the road?

It got schmucked by a truck just as I expected it to happen.

I flew over and I plucked out its juicy eyes and let the feathers flutter.

Nobody was going to prevent me from enjoying my meal.
I heard later that one of its downy feathers was whisked along by some wind gust

and was later to appear in a movie with a lonely guy named Forrest.

That was my road kill meal – thank you very much,

that was my feather I let flutter and which eventually made it to the big screens.
Nobody seems to know anything about me and the hard work I do every day.


Yup, that was me before crowflyology others call it psychology or psychiatry.

During those good old days I used to soar in the wind and enjoy a drive by meal every so often.

But today, now I am Black.

I am even more than just black, now I am a nuisance,

Now I am a menace,

Now I am a West Nile virus carrier

Next they will call me a stool pigeon crow and who knows what other labels I will be labeled with.


Yes, I once was only a simple black crow and at times and was absolutely satisfied in my life.

But one day I saw a swan…

This swan was so white and I was so black.

I began to compare my “self” to the “self” that others were.


Now that you have guessed it, yes, I am in psycho-theory-therapy.

And here is when I began some might stinkin thinkin –

I should have a better self-esteem, and build more confidence into my “self”.

I finally began to realize that my self-image was a very bad image.


Well that is what they told me and I believed them.Coscoroba_Swan_RWD3

This swan that I met made me think… That swan must be the happiest bird in the world.

And so I expressed my inner thoughts to the swan.

“Actually,” the swan replied,

“I was feeling that I was the happiest bird around until I saw a parrot,


Can you imagine, a two colored specimen of a feathered species?

I now think the parrot is the happiest bird in creation.

It is not white like me nor is it black like you. It has two totally different colors which to like about itself.

And here is how the rest of this story unfolds.

The crow then approached the parrot.

The parrot explained,

“I lived a very happy life—until I saw a peacock.

I have only a few colors, but the peacock has multiple vibrant and stunning colors.”

The crow then visited a peacock in the zoo and saw that hundreds of people had gathered to see him.


After the people had left,

The crow approached the Peacock.  01_lk5HaZfy

“Dear Peacock, You are so beautiful.

Every day thousands of people come to see you.

When people see me,

they immediately shoo me away.

I think you are the happiest bird on the planet.”


The peacock replied,

“I always thought that I was the most beautiful and happy bird on the planet too.

But because of my beauty,

I am entrapped in this zoo.

I have examined the zoo very carefully, and I have realized that the crow is the only bird not kept in a cage.

So for the past few days I have been thinking that if I were a crow,

I could happily roam everywhere.


That’s our human problem too.

We make unnecessary comparison with others and become sad and even greatly depressed

We don’t value what God our Heavenly Creator has given us.


This ungratefulness towards our Risen Lord Jesus and God all leads to the vicious cycle of discontent and unhappiness.

Let us value the things our Almighty Creator God has given us –

including the gift of His Son Jesus as a propitiation for our sins.

Learn the secret of being filled with praises of thank giving and

Worship Him in and by our present tense active faithing of obedience.

Happiness is not what we need, it comes our way as we love God and serve others.


The Story of the Winnipegger Crows

Winnipeg is a city in the middle of Canada in a Province called Manitoba just above North Dakota.

indexI have heard of this recent government survey and research conducted in the Canadian Prairies after some 200 crows were found dead along a stretch of highway outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Some folks thought the crows must have died from avian flu.
That caused quite a stir and fear among many nearby residents.

Some thought that they had been infected with the West Nile virus,


So, a bird pathologist examined the remains of many of the dead crows and he confirmed it was not avian flu – they were also not infected either by the West Nile Virus carried by mosquitoes.
This came as a great relief to the nearby residents; for Winnipeg has the dubious distinction of being the mosquito capital of Canada, and it is believed that the West Nile Virus is passed along by mosquitoes and that these were now going to sting Winnipeggers to death.
But the surprise in the report was that the stated cause of death was as follows:

98 percent of those crows died after coming in contact with large commercial rigs and the remaining two percent, by cars.

Then an ornithological behaviorist was hired, (by the government) to determine the disproportionate percentage for rigs versus car kills.

crow in treetop

It did not take long for the behaviorist to determine the reasoning.

When crows eat road kill they always set up a lookout crow in a nearby tree or on a utility pole to warn of impending danger.

The behaviorist concluded that the lookout crow could say “caw”.

You’re chuckling and smiling to yourself aren’t you, because you know it is funny.

Consider with me, just what is the function of a crow? Is it not to function the ways God designed it to function?
What is the function of a human being – is it not to function according to these three life functioning capacities the way God designed us to function – physical, psychological and spiritual?

The spiritual life functioning capacity is the one we neglect the most but it is the one that affects our soul’s development more than anything else.

The soul of man is a becoming soul – it therefore requires input and the major source of input is not physical but of a spiritual nature.  Man therefore must be viewed as an individual who derives his or her character from one of two spiritual sources.

The source of what is in the essence of truth and love or the source that takes the essence of truth and love and negates it so it becomes pleasurable for self-serving and self-indulging and self-aggrandizing life of the soul.


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