2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

How beautiful are the words of those who speak what is in truth.

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The Mind is not the Brain

The Mind is not the Brain

thought sourcing

Thought sourcing comes to us via our spiritual life functioning capacity and affects our thought processing within the playground of the brain.

The physical brain organ is the playground of chemistry, transmitters, and receptors which are also physical.

The mind belongs to the realm of the soul – a non-physical life functioning capacity of mankind which also is the realm of our volition and our emotions.

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When we are under the control of psychotropic drugs, it is not the mind which is controlled but the physical brain organ.  It is the messing up of the brain chemistry which then affects the mind from engaging in proper thought reasoning and processing

All thought seeds are derived from one of two spiritual sources.  The source of what is absolute truth and love and the other is from the spiritual source that would negate the character of Him who is the essence or truth and love.

In order to better understand this process we first need to understand the way the mind and the brain are inter-related and how the soul’s mind plays around in the playground of the brain.


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