2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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The Little Wood-chopper – Grandpa’s Awesome Story

 Enjoy the Story as it is being read.

The Little Woodchopper -Grandpa's awesome story

Sometimes the stories of our life become rather twisted and we do things we later regret.  Sometimes we listen to what is being said and in our hearts we realize that those ways are the right ways to go in.

If we teach our children that they are self-sufficient, self-resourceful and that they can figure things out for themselves they may believe that they do not need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit inspired Scriptures.

A parent can never make a child a christian believer but the teaching of truth that alone already can help the child derive knowledge of what is good and right.

We must then also direct that child to verify the taught truth with what is written in the Scriptures.

Helping a child to believe in truth by living out the truth we ourselves believe in is a great help that will become a formed belief within the subconscious mind of the developing young soul

Enjoy the story..




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