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The Lies Christians Believe – “Man has Free Will”

Another Lie

“Man has Moral Freedom of Choice”


The Lies Christians Beleive -Free Will - Freedom of Choice


God is the essence of free will.

Man can never have what God alone is.

Man has a duty to obey truth, love and right.

The concept of free will and freedom of choice was offered by Satan and never by God.

All human thought is influenced thought.  All human decisions are influenced decisions.

We can’t even choose between good and evil for that is the very influenced thought given to mankind by the serpent and way too many still believe that lie.

Believing in truth is never a choice it is a duty.  If a duty is not adhered to it is disobedience.

Believing in a lie is unbelief in the truth.  All unbelief is influenced by the liar.

Freedom of moral choice or free moral will is more than a myth, it is the lie of Satan way back in the Garden.

When a person believes they can be like God they will believe in the lie that they have freedom to disobey God.

I too grew up believing that people had freedom of choice, free will and sovereign will and all that was changed when I finally understood this very important truth:


Man can never have what God alone is.

God alone is the essence of free will – what He thinks He brings forth by His Word.  He is not influenced to be right, true of love – He is the essence of what He alone is.

God did not make everything out of nothing – everything made which is seen or invisible is made “ek Theos” out of God. – not as a God particle but as a completion of His uninfluenced thought.

Satan offered to man the idea of free will and freedom of choice and it was believing in that lie which actually did provide man with the ability to make decisions between evil and the appearance of what is good.  Unbeleivers in truth do have a wide range of freedoms to choose from.

In soul-logical terms I refer to this as being the

“Freedom of Choice Gradient”.

red black gradient line - freedom od choice

How many unbelievers have you met that would claim they live a good moral life?  There we have it, a person can act as wickedly as they want to and on the other hand they can change their behavior to reflect the doing of many acts of kindness.

Yet in Gods eyes it is not a free will that brings that forth but a different direction in which Satan directs a person to be influenced in.  Believers in lies can choose to be utterly wicked or they can choose to change their ways and become model citizens with upstanding moral values.

Why do you think that the field of psych-theory-therapy logic claims to have the answers to all of mankind’s ills?  They know that they can herd society from one end of the gradient spectrum to the other end without needing God.

So if man can help man in doing what is right and nice and what looks good to them then why should there be a judge who would judge them as being wrong for having done good according to their choices they were given?  Choices are only available to believers in lies.  Believers in truth have no choice but a duty to do the will of the Father.  Since when did Jesus proclaim that he made good choices?  He proclaimed that He did the will of Him who sent Him.  There is no choice in obedience.  Choice comes with disobedience.

The free will and freedom of choice concept would thus have to prevent God from exercising judgement if God had made free will available to man.

You can never judge a person wrong if they choose to like chocolate cake over strawberry cake or snake cake over chocolate cake.

A choice always leaves right and wrong as nonpunishable for it would then never have been an offense but a preference by influence.

Wrong is not uninfluenced by a right teacher, it is influenced by a wrong teacher.

If we could just get our pastors to stop influencing their flock with wrong teaching we would also have less Christians calling themselves sinners saved by grace.  They would be using right beliefs when they begin to refer to themselves as SAINTS who were once sinners – past tense – and who are being saved by grace – present tense.

A response I received to this article on Google plus was this:

“According to that thinking, since God CANNOT ever act contrary to His nature, He, too, has no free will.” 

and the following was my further explanation.


What we as humans understand free will to be is not the same as what the essence of free will is.  Only by this free will is God alone able to self-limit Himself.

The essence of love is only possible with the essence of willed affection.  That is how we are to love our enemies – with willed affection derived from the essence of God and to be passed along to others.

You see, free will is to always will right, is to always will love, is to always will truth.  Therefore the essence of free will is not to go against ones essence.

When believing in truth sets us free, that means that truth is the essence of freedom.

When forgiveness and loving one’s enemies sets free from bitterness and more, then self-for-other love is the essence of being free.

When being right sets one free from slavery to sin then righteousness is the essence of freedom.

Free will is to never consider or be influenced by any a thought that could lead astray from the essence which God alone is.

For that reason, Jesus the human was tempted- not to exercise freedom of choice or free will, but rather to remain in the freedom that is derived from the essence of the Father’s free will activity.

If Jesus had succumb to temptation, He would not have used free will or freedom of choice to disobey His Father’s will.  That is like saying that Jesus – God would have used His divine nature to enter into sin.  That is an impossibility.

Jesus, who by His Free will, self-limited Himself in order to become human  did so as God not as human.

When Jesus laid down His life, He did so as God – He self-limited His human life by His divine free will.

By His divine free will He raised Himself from out of the grave- it says- He took up His life again.

Every act of free will is in compliance to the essence of what God alone is and does.

Humans just do not have free will or freedom of choice.

Jesus, the human, clearly teaches that He must do the will of His Father.  It is the human’s response-ability (called faithing) to be free in the will of the Father.

An obedient Adam need never have believed a lie if Eve and he had remained in believing truth.  Free will precludes any hint or suggestion of possibly entertaining something other that the will of the Father.  They entertained the thought of a lie and thus believed in the insufficiency of their spiritual supply source – God.

It is not like Jesus was free to choose to do the will of the Father after considering all best option scenarios  in order to remain alive on planet Earth.

We surrender our will to do the Father’s will – that is not free will- that is a dependent surrendered will to the free will of God who cannot entertain any choice contrary to His nature.

Free will is to not be able to act contrary to the essence and Nature that God alone is.  This thought of choices is a Satan presented lie.

But now that we are in this mess, active believing in truth restores God’s free will reign once again within humanity of spirit re-birthed believers.

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