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The “LEFT” Hates Western Civilization!

Left vs. Right

Understanding the Difference


 Why are the Leftists so Hostile Toward Western Civilization?

After studying this question with reasoned thought, and using logical deductions as well as considering the knowledge of what God alone is, I have come to see that this secular leftist anti-God ideology is rooted in what can only be described as being “standards”.  The left is against the use of standards. The “LEFT” is about promoting identity politics where one group seeks to gain control and power they want another group to relinquish.  Identity politics always seeks to emphasize the victim mentality.  In the communist era it was the “have folks” vs the “have not folks”.  Now it is the thing called race baiting, gender equality, and so many other areas of diparity victim concerns. When former President Obama once said, Christians should get off their moral high horse, he promoted the official

When former President Obama once said, Christians should get off their moral high horse, he promoted the official denounciation of Christians and their historical Judeo -Christian Scriptural morals and thereby sought to empower and embolden the identity of other groups by lableling them as “victims” of Christians and white supremacy priviledge.

As described in the video above, the left seeks to change society by categorizing everyone into groups, but oddly enough, societies have never improved by slotting individuals into categories and groups.  Flourishing societies have always been built up by setting high moral standards and to some degree even lesser than high standards of morality.  A consistently high moral standard is a unifying factor which enables a society, a country and a nation to function with less conflict and strife among its members residing within their growing social community. For example, when everybody agrees that it is morally wrong to steal, cheat or defraud someone, then trustworthiness becomes a moral virtue of that socially integrated group.  Property crime will be drastically reduced as a result of the moral requirement that we all adhere to the laws which say, “thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not covet, thou shalt love your neighbor as yourself …”

It appears, to me, that “The Left” really hates all manner of standards which are other toward oriented. They hate moral standards; they hate the standards of excellence in the various arts including the performing “arts”; they hate the standards associated with all manner of religious institutions, and in particular they hate the standards associated with freedom of speech and so much more on which the democracy of America and other European ‘Christianized’ countries have been rooted in and been built on.

Extreme Rejection of Standard Judgment

When the law of the land is based on moral standards, there is that perceived inference that someone will judge by those standards.  Leftists do not want to be judged by anyone.  They do not want their evil selfish desires to be curtailed in any manner.

The left seeks to remove standards of what has been considered to be outstanding artists and they proclaim that their graffiti is to be judged by none as being less than those of ice sculpting and modern day street art and that their graffiti ought to be considered to be just as great as the art of famous artists like Rembrandt and Albrecht Dürer artwork.

But when graffiti is thrown into the mix of “arts” then it is ugly, threatening and by that action, it also is an attempt to reduce moral standards for these displays are a defacing of private and public property.  The disrespect for others and their property is what undermines a morally civilized culture and society.

The leftist’s crappy atonal sounds and chants are also to be considered as equalling the standards associated with classical “music” even when it is without harmony or melody.  Native chants, punk and rap and other such garbage are considered by the left as being just as great.  This is why you hear foul mouthed and vulgar language out of the mouths of those who have attempted to buy the democratic liberal votes in elections.

Extreme Antagonism Against Standards

It is the narcissism of the left which seeks to ban any comparison to some epic great work for if a comparison is permitted then it may just be that the one work would be judged as being inferior.  And because the classic base for all narcissists is that nobody can be better or more valued than ‘myself’, every artistic expression must be equal.  The losers must also receive a ribbon and no student shall go home without an award at the end of the year.

Extreme Rejection of Standards Within the Realm of Morality

When using terms such as “evil empire” (Regan) or “axis of evil” (Bush) or “Islamic Terrorism” (Trump), all seek to identify that there exists a standard, of good and right moral civility, within America which certain foreign states, countries and “dehumanizing bigotted submission” type of religious conduct control systems (such as is the case with Islam) are morally sub-standard to and inferior to.  Those who dared to identify the lesser than ‘Christianized”  enemies all held the beliefs that the moral values of America are historically rooted in the Scriptures of the Judeo-Christian God.

When we call out USSR’s communist socialism as being an evil empire we are suggesting that the standards of the “Christianized” moral roots of America are far superior.  When we call out “Islamic Terrorism and ISIS”, we want to identify that Islam, the false, so-called ‘religion of peace’, is really a death cult and therefore is nothing but a morally inferior religious society than that on which America has been founded.  This form of subconscious judgment occurs as soon as we identify morals as being beneath universally acceptable human decency standards.

Everything about the left had to be invented by the process of taking away from or adding something to that which is good, right, truthful, honorable, loving and faithful, just to mention a few morally virtuous traits. 

The entire leftist’s morality vocabulary is being developed with the agenda of rejecting Western “Christian” moral standards.  The Christian teaching of “love your enemy” has now become the mantra that demands Christians to “tolerate” what they consider to be morally wrong standards to live by.  The teachings of the Christian Scriptures which speak to separating one’s self from the world yet being in the world becomes the leftist’s call for ” “inclusion”.  The left stands for “anti-discrimination” and their ignorant reasoning ability does not permit them to see, that by definition, all standards discriminate, The leftists denounce judgment of their murderous, lewd, lascivious, immoral, and perverse activity and demand that society becomes more tolerant and be “non-judgmental” of the Islamic religion; of killing unborn children by abortion and of LGBTIQ.

These leftist argue, that the Christian work ethic which teaches us that if a person does not work he also should not eat, becomes a chant of “income inequality”.  By their chant of “income inequality”, their vocabulary inference is saying that some peoples’ work, their position or their responsibility must not be more viable or valuable than others and that those who do not work must benefit from those who do work at the same level of prosperity.

Who set the western standard?

It was the Scriptural standard of the Judeo-Christian’s which contributed to and ultimately brought about the abolishment of slavery in those countries where Christianity started to flourish as well as beyond those country’s borders.

All throughout history we find that slavery was an integral part of how victors dealt with their vanquished foes and how debtors were treated by lenders.  It is only when Jesus brought into a complete fulfillment, all the requirements of the moral law, and provided us with the understanding that only love for God and love for others is required, that the time came when women and slaves were treated with the deeper understanding of what it means to cherish, love and respect.  Regardless of the historical facts on the establishment of anti-slavery laws coming from the morally superior Judeo-Christian and thus Western civilization, we see how the left has corralled and held, by choke-hold, the mainstream media (MSM) and the indoctrinating education system.

Extreme Denial of Death By Islam, the Death Cult Religion

When we look at the culture of the left, we recognize a bizarre pattern of occurrences.  The left is so intent on protecting Islam that when one even quotes from the Qur’an and the other Islamic writings, they do not realize that they are promoting their own execution.   It is a fact that Mohammed teaches beheadings, stonings, subjugation, rape, beatings, and enslavement of women, such speech and display of facts is deemed by the leftist to be hate speech.


The left is so fanatically concerned that they appear to be more compassionate and more virtuous than the right that they have become utterly unable to use reason and logic in the face of reality.  For the most part, Islam cries out loud and writes boldly what they hate and who must die.  Yet the left, in some manner of mental dysfunction, is unable to fight for what is morally right.  Leftist gays march for more immigration of Muslims and the left remains silent and apparently do not care about the very hatred Islam demands Muslims must have towards gays.  When a person believes a lie, such as, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, or that ‘Muslims really want to live under a constitution’ or that ‘Islam does not have an inferior view of women’ or that ‘Islam really does not mean what some claim it demands or that ‘Islam demands that their adherents become executioners of homosexuals’, the Liar who spreads such lies will always be able to control the behavior of such a person.

Extreme Reviling and Loathing of Judeo-Christian Values

And finally, we come to the left’s extreme loathing of the religions of Western civilization — the Judeo-Christian religions, which have clear standards of right and wrong.

Bible-based religions affirm a God who judges the heart attitude and motive and therefore the intent of a person’s morals of rejection thereof.  For the left, that is anathema. For the rejecters of moral law, the only valid judging allowed is the judging of intolerance as being good when it is expressed by the leftists’ judging of others. Apparently, it is not acceptable and not tolerated when the left is judged, they are the final arbiters, nobody judges the left — not man and definitely not God.

Extreme Political Correctness Must Replace God’s Moral Law

Well, apparently it is not obvious to the left that right and wrong is a very different standard than legal and illegal.

The reason the left so extremely hates western values is that values require standards. Standards require judgment and judgment most definitely is not what the left wants. The left conquers morality and thereby a moral standard based civilization, by dividing its people into groups such as homosexuals, islamophobics, bigots, feminists, environmentalists, and racists. The whole left-wing moral vocabulary is an extreme rejection of Western moral standards: “tolerance,” “inclusion,” “anti-discrimination” (in case you were not aware – by definition, standards discriminate), “non-judgmental,” and even “income inequality,” which deems some peoples’ work more valuable than others. Standards demand moral conscience considerations. Moral conscience and moral law demand that we set a standard by which we deny our self for the sake of considering others as important and to be respected even to the point of denying our own welfare for the sake of meeting the needs of others.

Extreme Rejection of “Independent Thinking” Education

Not that long ago Stanford University students voted on a campus resolution.  The vote was to see if they wanted Stanford to require a course on Western civilization.  Apparently, it did have such a course until the 1980s.

Stanford students rejected the proposal 1,992 to 347. A columnist at the Stanford Daily explained why: Teaching Western civilization means “upholding white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism, and all other oppressive systems that flow from Western civilizations.”*

There are many liberals who have in the past still had a high veneration of western civilization.  For example, President Franklin D. Roosevelt frequently spoke of defending “Christian civilization.”

Extreme Villainization of the West

The West has been identified as being the Evening Land ( the German word is Abendland).  It is the way where the sun set after it has risen.  It is also where the Son of God, Jesus has in the later generations brought about major social changes leading towards ‘Christianization” of cultural standards and social advancement and enlightenment.  It is, however, evident that the Judea-Christian standards and laws are restrictive on the left’s view of freedom.  To them, freedom comprises of what is, in reality, an anarchy. The left very singularly villainizes Wester Civilization entirely and thereby rejects any factual and historical evidence of superiority. Even when a great war which may have been won against fascism and communism and against ethnic cleansing regimes and against terrorist’s agendas, the West will always be villainized as being imperialistic, colonialist or a xenophobic expression of fear and hatred. When someone in the western world even dares to criticize anything non-western, the critic is immediately labeled as being chauvinistic, xenophobic, capitalistic, fascist, racist and bigotted. All such critics can therefore only be white privileged trash or they are chumps.  To be fair, we must identify that not all left is liberal and that not all liberals are extreme left.  Some liberals apparently are just misguided conservatives.

Extreme Protectionism of All Who are the Enemies of the Left’s Enemy (the West)

That is why the left is so protective of Islam. America’s left-wing president, Barack Obama, will not use, never has used and never permitted the government to use the words “Islamic terrorism.” And, criticism of Islam is labeled “Islamophobic,” thereby morally equating any such criticism with racism. It is not that the left is sympathetic to Islam, for it has contempt for all religions. It is that many Muslims loathe the West, and the enemies of my enemy (the West) must be protected.

That is why the left loathes Israel. If the left actually cared about human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, or freedom of speech, religion and press, it would be wildly pro-Israel. But Israel, in the left’s view, is white, European and colonialist, or in other words, Western. And the Palestinians are non-Western.*


What happens when the left believes in lies?  They become complicit in promoting those lies and will become those who ultimately bring about their own demise, destruction and execution.



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