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The Laws of Essence and the Essence of God

The Laws of Essence

The Laws of the Essence of God

WHAT is it that makes God WHAT He is?


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The Person of Truth,

Right, Faithfulness and Love


What is the definition of the noun ‘essence’?

  • something that is, or exists in the corporeal or in the spiritual, non-corporeal and or immaterial realm- an entity within reality
  • that which makes something what it is; intrinsic, fundamental nature or most important quality (of something); essential being

Essence is the basic, true and real substance, and the invariable nature of a reality which exists and manifests what it is.

When using the word ‘essence’ within philosophy we intend to identify the inward nature, the true substance, or the constitution of anything, as opposed to what is accidental, phenomenal or illusory,


I never grew up believing much about God except that He is God and that He has certain attributes and that Jesus is my Savior because I came to believe in Him. It’s been more recently when I began to not worship the book of true facts and historical accounts which is called the Bible but actually spent much time listening to the Person of Truth.

At that point I had not yet understood just how the Scriptures were actually used in identifying not just WHO God is but also WHAT God is.  When I now consider WHO God is, it is very clear to me that He alone is God in a dimension of reality that is based on WHAT He alone is.

When I studied WHAT God alone is, I had to consider such descriptions as




Right (or Righteous)


…and these are among many other such Scriptural claims of WHAT God is. Now if God really is this then He alone must be the essence of all this. For WHAT God alone is must then determine the essential character of WHAT makes God the true and absolute substance of God – which He alone is.

So I began my study of the written Judaeo-Christian Scriptures but at every turn I had to learn to surrender the words of recorded Scripture to the Person who inspired the historically documented writings. What an exercise of incredible understanding. You really must experience that for yourself. I now no longer refer to the created and written documents of the Scriptures as “The Word of God.” – I used to, but I have come to know the essence of God and it is not a book of truth but the Person of Truth.

To be willing to place what I was taught as being “the Word of God” into its proper relationship to the Speaker of those words, opened a whole new way of receiving and understanding truth directly from the Person of Truth. I now no longer refer to the Scriptures as “the word of God” because I now know that if I did I would be elevating a human involved written and created thing of God over the Creator. We have never been told that He will go to the father so that a book would be created and compiled to teach us and comfort us and we are never told that He ever intended to replace the active person of the Holy Spirit and His work with letters, ink and parchment or even digital bits and bytes.

Jesus never once referred to any inspired document as “The Word of God” but He did use the terms “the Scriptures”, “the law and the prophets” or “it is written”. Never once did He elevate the humanly involved recording of a Divine message to be His equal or to be called by His own Name. As a matter of interest, I realized that everything the Living Word of God spoke forth resulted in the creation of what is both seen and invisible.  Everything created came forth not just by what He spoke into being but it came forth out of Him.

WHAT the laws of this Divine Essence of a Being demands is far more important than just knowing that God is God. Let us take a closer look at the laws of essence. The essence of WHAT God alone is has its own laws.

The Laws of Essence

Essence of a thing is immutable. The essence of gold always remains gold. It is never clay, stone or copper.  The essence does not change because of impurities not removed.  Gold remains gold no matter how obscure it is.

Essence of a thing has its own value. This value is determined by the beneficiary recipient of that essence. A gold nugget is valueless to a fish who swims by it day after day. It becomes valuable however to one who knows that it must be used interactively and relationally with others.

Essence of a thing demands that it be acknowledged as being what it is. We do not say “I am paying with this shiny stone when we know we are paying with gold. We demand that the essence of our gold nugget also be acknowledged for what it is by others because we are the beneficial holder of that nugget.

Essence of a thing provides benefits to others only when it is used within an inter-relational community. A gold nugget may increase my personal asset base but it is worthless unless it is used in relational commerce. The more the nugget is used relationally and changes hands the more beneficial benefits that one nugget will have provided to others. The essence of gold never diminished into anything else, it always remains gold no matter how much that nugget changes hands.

When I understood the laws relating to the essence of a thing, I then applied that to what the essence of God is.  The laws of essence can only apply to something that is real, true and exists in either the visible corporeal or the invisible and non-corporeal entity. If something invisible does not exist, is imagined or is illusionary there can never be an essence of it which can be manifested.

Love exists even though it is immaterial and invisible and it definitely can be manifested within a relational community.

Truth, Right and Faithfulness are all non visible yet they are all manifested within a relational community.

The value of an invisible essence increases as we increase our trust,our belief and our experience with knowing who and what is the giver of such a beneficial benefit to the recipient.

Now, let us consider if fear is its own essence.  Is fear in and of itself an essence of something which is immutable? Or does fear occur when something is removed?  We know that when something like love and trust in faithfulness is removed then fear appears.  Thus fear can only be expressed when the essence of love is negated.  Fear is not something we can truly be thankful for even when fear of danger can become beneficial to us for the preservation of life.  But there is one thing for sure which sets it apart from being its own essence and that is that fear is not a relational community manifestation given to others for their enjoyable benefit.  Fear and anxiety are an emotion which one suffers through on an individual basis when the essence of love, and trust in faithfulness are negated.  At that time when trust has been removed or has become diminished in the faithful supplier of what is good, anxious fears begin to reign within our soul.

The Essence of God is

WHAT God Alone is.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:24).

When we know WHAT God is we are better able to worship God according to the purposes for our creation.

The Law of God’s essence demands that He must be the faithful supply of our sufficiency.

He must be immutable and therefore always right.  He cannot age for that is change.  He must be Spirit for only Spirit can be the present tense I AM active within time and space.

The Law of God’s essence demands of Him to be self- generating, self-determining and self-resourceful in what His own value and activity is for the benefit of others.

He provides for man all he needs including such favorable benefits as forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration.

The Law of God’s essence demands that He must be acknowledged and honored for being both WHO and WHAT He alone is.

This acknowledgement is accomplished by way or worshiping Him and expressing back to Him just how valuable He alone is and we do that by a grateful giving of thanks, adoration and obedience to His will. When we say the word ‘worship’  we need to understand just how important it is to express to Him our adoration of Him.  We can only properly give Him glory when we worship that which I know He alone is. if we do not know what God alone is how can we make Him to be the highest worth for our life?  What happens when our concept of WHAT God alone is happens to be incomplete or even wrong?  If we just once entertain the thought seed that comes from Satan which would suggest that He is not faithful we would be just like the first residents in the Garden of Eden and not believe in Him but rather believe in a lie which would give the Liar control over our actions.

The Law of God’s essence demands that He become a part of a person’s relational community with others.

“Therefore by [Jesus] let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased” (Heb 13.10–16)

There you have the laws of WHAT God’s essence demands of Him and others.

If God were not Spirit then maybe He could be impressed by the use of a 1611 Authorized King James Version Bible, a magnificent building, various physical gifts of sacrifice and a host of other religious and traditional rites, rituals and ‘rightings’ – (you know I meant to use the word ‘writings’).  A Spirit however is worshiped in TRUTH which is incorporeal and which comes about by a spiritual relational engagement with Him.

Now as I studied the essence of truth, I came to understand that a true fact is not the same as complete truth. A true fact may just be knowledge. A true fact can also be limited to just being a fragment of truth. True fact are the kind of thing we have been given within our conscience. But all the knowledge of true facts is useless unless it is used in a relational community with others. When true facts are rejected and negated, they still remain true but that rejection cause cognitive dissonance.  A person does not need to become a Christian or become a part of any other religious group in order to believe true facts about themselves, about others and about God.  A depressed person can be helped to see that which is true about themselves and eventually, even without medication they can learn to overcome all manner of depression involving mental thought processing patterns. I recently read this written by Joel Hooper:

I haven’t been diagnosed with any sort of illnesses with the brain, but I have fought and been fighting psychological battles, I have come to points where I look back and realize there were points when what I thought was reality was utter garbage (e.g. what others thought about me) – Joel Hooper

Just because I know that 2+2 equals 4 does not mean truth has prevailed. Truth only comes forth when I for example, actually give 4 pounds to my customer and not 31/2 pounds. Truth must also have within its essence the demand that it always be right and thus we understand that God’s righteousness requires that He can never lie. To be the essence of truth and right also requires that faithfulness to this essence never be compromised. In other words, everything about the essence of truth and right must be for the beneficial enjoyment of others within a relational community and that is what the essence of love demands. I cannot be totally other orientated when I decide to shortchange the other person of what is right and in truth for their benefit.

The essence of truth, right, faithfulness and love can never be viewed as being an individual stand alone entity or merely a force or a concept. Because at all points, all of this essence must work together both within its own essence of being and within the relational community of others. Love can never be experienced without a giver, a recipient or a beneficial other who receives the benefits of love as it is passed along.  Love must be true, right and faithful at the same time or it can never be love.

The essence of love thus demands that it provide of itself the solution to all problems. Love never demands of others that they supply what they need. God is love and as such, the essence of God – His being, is referred to as the “Divine Being” which is self-generating, self-resourceful, self-authenticating, self-revealing and self-determining. God does not need someone to love. The essence of love demands that it be complete without a need. That is why this trinity makes perfect sense to me. (In addition to the One Three Person Divine Godhead Being, there are other beings which have been created and who are dependent and receptive beings which include both the spirit beings – angels and dispossessed angels, and human beings. Human beings however are never spirit beings nor do they ever become spirit beings.

The law of love says “Do unto others first as you would want others to do unto you.” Every human person needs love from others and every human person has a need to love others.

God is The Essence of Love.  To be GOD demands that there be a minimum of three persons present in order to be complete within its own Godhead relational community.  Love requires a minimum of three persons ot it is not the purity of “self-for-other”  orientation.  Love must always be other oriented.

If A loves B it is only for a self-benefit – for A’s need to love someone.
If B loves C it is only for a self-benefit – for B’s need to love someone.
If A loves B and B loves A back it is both for a mutual self-benefit because both have the need to be loved.
But if A loves C because B also loves C then it could be seen as a good selfless love for others.
However, when each, A, B and C are active in deferring to one-another in a self-giving manner without self-interest or self-indulgence then the community of love is complete within itself and needs none other to fulfill the law of love. The trinity is the only way by which to understand the completeness of the essence of love. The Father gives all to the Son, the Holy Spirit always directs back to both the Father and Son and the Son does the will of the Father and gives His Spirit to all who believe in Him. None seeks His own personal benefit but rather acts in deference to the other as being the greater.

As the lie tells us, Allah had to make mankind in order to lavish his love on them, thus indicating that such monotheism of ONE results in an incomplete and non-self-sufficient God.

When the essence of truth, right or love is negated, the result is always a removal of the orientation for the others benefit. Thus the negation of truth can result in taking away or adding to but in every instance truth is compromised and becomes a lie. Truth without love is a lie. Truth without faithfulness in love is a lie. Negated truth, love and right is what turns out to be self-indulgence and self-serving. Satan took the truth and negated God’s perfect faithful character back in the Garden and doubt was entertained towards God’s holy and perfect character.

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