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Researchers: We Have Found a New Evolutionary Aberration of a Species – “HomoGayTransVert”


We have found a new evolutionary aberration of a species – “HomoGayTransVert”

HomoGayVert - with self extiction plan

This Aberration and Abomination to all Humanity is the “HomoGayTransVert”

IT – YES IT, is born with a Self-Inflicted Mentally Deranged and Insane Evolutionary Extinction Plan

If every creature were able to believe in the lies promoted by the new cultural agenda of perversion promiscuity such as in the LGBTQ same sex transgender homosexuality, society would soon cease to exist for lack of offspring.

When a female is physically attached to the genital appendage of a man’s penis and when a male’s genital is surgically removed and mutilated to resemble a beheaded ISIS victim and that man becomes a sensual icon of femininity, then the “SheHe” apes can put their dicks into the “HeShe” ape’s vulva of void and nobody would need to have any more abortions.

And if abortions were to be entered into for those who were caught cheating on their homosexual partners and were actually bisexuals then the demise of the social creature or should I say the anti-social animal “HomoGayTransVert” would become a victim of self-inflicted extinction.

If this newly evolved species was originally in a heterosexual functioning ability as are its two legged cousins called homo-sapiens, then the new animal “HomoGayTransVert” would be able to reason out truth by use of their conscience and eventually come to understand their immanent extinction.

But when a conscience truth fact is rejected and is not included as spiritual moral truth and right within the reasoning of thought the dysfunctional soul’s mind will become darker and never more enlightened.

But not only the mind with its reasoning abilities becomes darkened but the very conscience, which holds truth, will become like a light that has been placed under a bushel.

A cloudy conscience still retains the complete knowledge of the essence of what is true but a clouded and seared conscience prevents the mind from being accurate in its reasoning abilities, for the mind alone can never accurately understand that which is spiritual; it is the conscience which gives humans the knowledge that God is.

Thus it is often said that minds and not the brain, become darkened for the light of truth knowledge is continually covered over.  A mind without the active present tense use of spiritual insight of truth knowledge will end up in the most deviant encounters man could ever possibly imagine.

With all the elements of deviancy, perversion and guilt also comes the shame a person experiences for engaging in activity they know they ought not to do.  Guilt and shame are so evident in persona who suffer both mentally and emotionally.  Every human wants love, acceptance and respect and when individuals do not receive that they seek to take it for themselves by their self-serving and self-indulging agendas.  Everything becomes an issue of demanding tolerance for me, myself and I and all engaged in activity is about satisfying my own feelings.

The guilt of perversion must seek compensation.

Compensation for one’s guilt against one’s conscience then becomes a mantra which demands blame for one’s inadequacy be placed on others and one word – “tolerance” becomes the thing such a self-centered person will demand from others for their own personal self-serving self-indulgence agendas.

Exercising tolerance however is only possible by those who are willing to accept what is wrong and evil and turn it into their idea of the new truth.  Tolerance is what is demanded and expressed when a lie is believed.a well packaged web of lies

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