2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Psycho-Theory-Therapy-Logic Keeps the Dying in Death

Beliefs in lies will always produce death

dying in death - a puppet of the Liar whose lies you believe

The Dying in Death Continuum is the place where from conception a person is born into by default and remain in unless he responds to the voice and knowledge of God with active believing – faithing..  The default resulted when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and experienced spiritual death immediately and the continuum of experiencing dying in all areas of their life up to and including their physical death.  And because the spirit of man is without the indwelling Holy Spirit’s presence, until it is given by spiritual rebirth, the spiritual death continues for ever after. Here is a short glimpse into what kind of dying a person continually experiences here on planet Earth due to the various lies a person will eventually develop beliefs in.

  • death in relationships – with God and man
  • death of hope
  • death of motivation
  • death of dreams
  • death while dying ever after

There is only one way by which a person is able to get out of that continuum of dying in death, and that is to die in Christ on the cross by faithing into the Person and the work of Jesus and being raised up to New Life in Jesus by His resurrection.

Now let us remember that all mental illness and mental dysfunction and disorder is connected to a belief in a lies unless of course there is a physical organic defect which affects the normal functioning of the brain mass.  It has even now been researched that when a person believes in an angry God that such a belief has strong connections with mental illness.

Beware of your ignorance!  Know yourself and be informed so you may help the self in your soul.  Understand and know what is offered to you as a lie and know what is spoken in truth.  Then capture every thought, and then reject the lies as you believe and speak in TRUTH.



There Is No Such Thing as Mental Illness

It’s not the lie that kills, it’s the belief in the lie that brings on death.

Psychiatry stinks to high heaven!  Although facts are not always in complete truth, facts offered in this video are SCAM ALERTS to be aware of.  If you should ever be told to go for psycho-therapy and you are then prescribed to take psychotropic drugs, please do yourself a favor and understand exactly how you are going to be under the control of the one whose lies you will almost willingly believe.

The Mind is Not a Physical Organ

All attempts to “Heal the Sick Mind” requires a remedy for that which is very apparently invisible.

Nobody wants to humbly address their sinful behaviors. Visible behavior is lived out due to the invisible beliefs we have formed and for that reason alone there can never be a medical solution to “mental illness”.

It is much easier to say “I can’t help what I am doing because I have this medical condition” than to say to God, I have sinned and believed in a lie and that is why I keep doing the things that are not pleasing to you oh Lord; forgive my unbelief.”.






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