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Mind and Body -What Controls You?

Tell me quickly, can your mind control your body?

Tell Me Quickly - Can Your Thoughts Control Your Body



Tell me quickly, can what you believe harm you and others physically?


don't believe everything you think


Is it possible to think with your mind and affect your body?

Is it possible to think thoughts and have them affect your outward actions?

Is it possible to have your thoughts affect other peoples bodies and actions?


Can you remember a time when you were cut off on the freeway by an irresponsible driver?  Well when that happened to me, I became aware of an immediate increase in my heart rate.

There was even a time when my body began to sweat profusely and yet I felt cold.  That happened when I was caught up in a prisoners riot in the maximum security prison I was employed at.

I wasn’t only in fear but I also thought I had seen the last few hours of my life.  The next day, I also noticed that I had turned grey overnight.

 Yes, the thoughts you think can affect and influence your physical body as well as the body of others.

Do you remember a time when you were going on your first date?  Some of you may have gotten an upset stomach when you anticipated a fearful thought as you walked home alone on a dark night.

When a person is exceedingly happy in their thoughts they also can experienced fidgety limbs and even ticks while others have experienced a loss of appetite.

Can the thought processing within your mind also help bring about other forms of control over the body?

Do you recall a time when you were dumped by someone you really loved and wanted to be with; possibly even marry?
Most likely you felt the pain of rejection.  You may have experienced a great amount of anxiety as well, especially if you were thinking such thought as “Now I’ll never get married.” or you were so embarrassed at being dumped that you just wanted to hide yourself forever.

You may even have gone so far in your thinking that you thought yourself into a state of mind and body disassociation  The physical aches you may have felt in your body may actually have been cause by the thoughts in your soul and all the physical ailments could not be attributed to any physical disease or sickness.

Somatoform is the name of this kind of a mental condition. It is a time where you could feel so sick in a physical way yet have absolutely nothing physically wrong with you.  They used to call this psychosomatic sicknesses.

All mental illnesses and dis-eases are rooted in fears of some form or other.

To feel embarrassed or to feel loss indicates that fear of rejection or non acceptance has influenced your thinking. Trust in God and love for the others well being would not be present when you are dealing in the realm of fear.

Within your thought processing you have apparently begun to doubt the character of God.

You have doubts that He will not be able to help you face your friends or possibly even find a new potential soul mate.

You doubt that He is able to provide.  You doubt that He is faithful.

3 self-serving ways you can use your mind to control your body

1) You can think yourself into a state of suffering.  All you really want to do is to show the other person just seriously bad they treated you.  You want their attention and the attention of others whom you can influence to have pity on you.

2) You can draw attention to your need for help.  When you are going through an event in which emotions are running high, it is often impossible to see where help for your situation can be drawn on.  Most likely you would want an understanding family member by your side or even another close friend.  When you think yourself into suffering of this type you are crying out for attention.  You have begun to doubt that God can help you through so you seek to take matters into your own hand and call on friends for their sympathy.

3) You may want to punish someone.  If the person who just dumped you was someone your parents approved of but there was someone previously whom they did not approve of, you may be wanting to punish your parents for having messed up your previous heart-throb by making them feel guilty for not letting you have your way in the first place.

Here is how you can prevent your thoughts from controlling you physical body.

Realize that the mind is not a physical component of your body.

Your mind, your will and your emotions are all a part of your soul which is non physical.

But your mind uses the physical brain as its playground.

1) Understand spiritual truth and from what source your thoughts are derived.

Although mental health professionals would call this a mental illness disorder, it is no such thing.  What is taking place in you body has its origins within thought seeds that would tempt you to not trust God, to not be thankful in times of difficulty and to not praise Him for his faithful supply of sufficiency.

No matter what the difficulty in life, if you are failing or refusing to be thankful to God, you have entered into a self-focus where self-pity rules in your life and all you can think of is to set things straight and or get even if you can.

2) Understand real love and place confidence into the Person of Truth – God. 

Know the truth that God has provided you with the ability to solve all of your mental and emotional problems.

Receive Courage to face the problem and to walk through it comes from God.

Place your confidence in God and know that you will be provided with all that He has purposed for you to have and to enjoy. Self-confidence will be your greatest enemy.

Capture all thought that come up from your subconscious mind. When living by your previously experienced emotions or when  a thought comes to you that suggest you need to trust yourself because you have in you all that you need, reject that notion.

Live in the active present tense of faithing.

Believe in truth.

If you do not know truth, watch this short video clip below.  It is a start in the right direction.


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