2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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What causes Mental Disorders?

Is Being Human a Mental Disorder?


Knowing yourself better would assist you from becoming stigmatized with the labels associated with mental illness as presented in the DSM-5..

Building castles in the sky is not a sin if you can accomplish such a feat, but to believe in the lie that you live in a different reality other than what is in truth is a sin.

For you to believe you are not lovable is to disbelieve the truth that you are loved by God.

So if a person builds this stronghold of belief that nobody loves them or that nobody is interested in marrying them, then that castle will be built and fortified with every shred of supporting evidence a person can conjure up within their mind.  Every turned away person can become that perceived person who must then not like them.

Even every thought you entertain that tells you that you have freedom of choice or even worse – a free will, can and will enslave you to do that which the lies you believe tempt you to act on.

You will never act on anything you do not believe in when the value of that belief is challenged.

If you believe you can watch porn and get away unscathed, you will do so.

If you believe you will die when you drink antifreeze, you will not drink antifreeze.

If you believe smoking will kill you you can either keep on smoking and you may or may not die from cancer.  If it is of a great concern to you whether you will die from smoke related illnesses you can quit if the attached value of life is that great in your subconscious value system.  But remember, this has nothing to do with freedom of choice, it has all to do with what you believe.

So mankind, is by default a believer in lies and as he or she believes in a lie they keep on building their castles in the sky.

Instead of the counselor or shrink identifying that such a person is merely believing in lies, this ungodly psycho-theory-therapist is very pleased in developing and encouraging a long term resident – a permanent tenant who lives in the castle of lies from whom  or on whose behalf they are able to bilk a fortune.

I feel my blood boilingThe logic of these highly educated “professionals” who claim to be scientifically aware of what the invisible person’s soul needs have done nothing more than exasperate painful suffering and death to countless victims of their scam.

These, who embrace psychiatry are the ones who have contributed to the exponential increases in what can be claimed to be a billable medical condition of the physical mass know as the brain.








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