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Imagination and Erotica in the Soul

woman_in_sheetsSexual Imaginations are used for wanting to exert control over others –

…at their expense and for one’s own pleasure.

All imagination can influence our perceptions in life and these imaginations are used as building blocks for future activity.  Some use this imagination process as a self-serving and self indulging activity while other use imagination to bring about a benefit for others.

All inventions come about through the process of imagination for it appears that what a person can imagine, they can also eventually envision as a completed and functioning image.  If you can imagine wireless communication, then there has to be a way to accomplish such a process.  If you imagine controlling the sexual and erotic behavior and activities of another person in your fantasies then you have forcefully subjugated the character of another person and diminished their value as a person even if you have never known that person in your life.

Our imaginations must therefore be brought under the control of the Holy Spirit and in the process of present tense faithing activity – a listening to the Spirit of God and the obeying of that direction He provides for escape will lead us to use our imaginations for the purposes of blessing others.

Every human being has been given the gift and the ability to use imagination.

Imagination coupled with intelligent design aims to bring about a working model of that which is conceived of in the mind.

All we have to do is look all around us and we can see the process of what can be brought forth out of that which is invisible.  Everything that man can imagine can be accomplished.

Man does not have creative powers – he has building and assembling abilities only.


What man imagines however can never be created; it is always an influenced thought and an assembled thought process.  What man uses to build the thoughts he conceived of is material.  It is therefore incorrect to say that man has free will.  Man is always influenced to use what someone else has made available – be it God or another person.

Free will creates what one’s thoughts imagine and design.

Free will is never influenced and therefore free will must always remain in the domain of what God alone is.

God and God alone is free will.

All of what God created was imagined, designed and brought forth out of the invisible true God.  It is therefore also wrong to say that God created everything out of nothing.  God is never a “nothing” and this “nothing” is not co-equal in existence with God.

The imaginations of man on the other hand are always influenced thoughts.  Man has no free will to will forth his thoughts and create what is not there.

Man uses his thoughts to build and assemble but never to create.  God alone is creator, and man is the manipulator of what God has provided.

Imagination or shall we say fantasizing is the process whereby a person seeks to exert mental control over an image within his or her thoughts.  To dream of having a relationship with a loved one and one day being married and having a family is not the same as fantasizing willful control over that image.

A dream building imagination requires active planning and an active follow through of a number of steps prior to that dream becoming a reality.

If we dream of having a flirtatious encounter with a person, we have to ensure that we get into a right proximity to that person.  Physical action is required to make a dream come about.


A person may want to have a sexual tryst  with their spouse and immediately a mental image of pleasurable experiences will come to us.

Watch this video and observe what sexual dreaming requires.  It requires that the tryst – the agreed upon meeting between lovers become a reality of action.

In the process of using this gift of imagination building blocks we can take our thoughts a few steps further and add more imagery than we know we can experience.  We may imagine a little bit of an add on to what we already know may come our way after we start the caressing, nibbling and fondling.

What we engage in when we participate in sexual dreaming with our spouse is the activity of building our anticipation for a pleasurable romp.

Now, if you are not married, you may still be engaging in this process of using your imagination building blocks.  But this is then to be considered along the line of fantasizing your sexual imaginations.

Of course we know that even married folks engage in fantasy imagination.  And what is more disturbing is that among Christian believers there is an ever increasing trend – not just among men but with women too.

Hot Sex fantasy no.1 ischristian-womans-guide-to-breaking-free-from-porn-213x300Sex dreams

“The Threesome”

The number one of all time greatest fantasies in both men and women is the fantasy of multiple suitors, admirers and partners – often referred to as the threesome.

“What is it about sexual fantasizing that is so wrong?” we may ask ourselves. Well, here is the bottom line PinPoint Soul-Logical understanding.  Just because we believe the lie that fantasizing does not translate into action we believe it to be so and ignore the truth as to what we are engaging in.

Yes, sexual desire fantasizing is sin for our completed thought is the act of control over others and is not our act of serving others.  Fantasizing is self serving and self indulging even without masturbation.

With sexual imaginations we seek to control the behavior of those images we elevate in our minds.

With these sexual imagination building blocks we often seek to  control a thought  outcome.

We seek to gain the advantage and the upper hand so to speak.

By adding to our sexual desires of perceived unmet needs we attempt to bring forth the images of lack and incompleteness.  We seek to bring to a culmination a satisfactory outcome – for us – of course, not for the other person.

When we use our imagination building blocks, we will in most cases add elements of control, risk, adventure and even abuse and danger, not so much to us but to the situation or to the other person.

Thoughts which are not completed and left in an in-congruent manner to dangle, require of us that we complete that fragmented thought. Thus it becomes possible for a person to conceive of that which is inconceivable.  We often say, “I can’t imagine of any person thinking like that and then doing that wicked thing.”, but that is what must take place prior to an act in the physical realm.

The forbidden fruit had to be mentally tasted before it was physically removed from the tree.

Imaginations are often thought of as being a very private matter.

For those who have imagined having a sexual encounter with someone they are not married to, that imagination will usually remain within their soul as a fabricated and a fragmented memory of a power trip.  In this power trip, the control of power is not ours, it is the control of the liar whose lies we believe and this becomes the power that is exerted over our mental image of a physically bodiless victim and we contort our actions to suit us or better sad, Satan controls all of our self indulging thought actions.

We call this fantasizing when we engage in mental sexual activity with what is not real.

The more we participate in such use of our mind the more we form beliefs that what we imagine can become a reality.  When a person imagines themselves to engage in a violent control of a sexual activity within their mind, they will form a belief that their sexual pleasure is contingent on forceful sexual activity.

In such cases it is very common that more than just a mental activity took place.  The activity would be the activity of masturbation.  During that process of genital stimulation and mental imaginations of control over a victim, a certain hard wired pattern of chemical releasing and reception takes place within the physical organ of the brain.

Before this deviant mental victim controlling behavior can be stopped, many a person has come to believe the lie that their private activity of their brain will be kept under cover so to speak. But what we engage in within our mind’s thoughts are either the negativity against truth and that will affect cognitive dissonance.  We will know what is right and yet many will go against that.  The mental incongruity becomes painful for the soul because our guilt and shame are painful – it separates from God.

In addition to that, when we retain any amount of pleasure for our own selfish pleasures, we interrupt the flow-back of worship and praise to whom it belongs.  As we are not made to be creatures able to handle worship we will experience torment under that usurping of what rightfully belongs to God alone for He alone deserves our worship.

Masturbating to fantasies worships the idol WE have placed on the altar of OUR fantasy and that is self worship.












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