2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Human Soul Development

Humans are “Becoming Souls”


How does this little princess

glamour girl

 turn to be this rebellious teen



and become this death wish queen?


When all the parents wanted for their baby

was to be a beautiful little princess.couplefight

In Genesis it says that when God breathed into man -breath-spirit is the word, that he became a living soul.

What we see, what our parents and care givers tell us and what we fractionally perceive by our young childhood thought processing abilities all contributes to the development of our character, and that is what we all work at so diligently to cover up and make others believe we are what we imagine ourselves to be.

In most cases we want others to see us as being better, kinder, nicer and more glamorous and on the other spectrum some want others to not see their hurt of rejection and loneliness on the inside and thus turn their image to be totally different than “normal”.

Both believe in lies. Both are controlled by the liar as was the case with Adam and Eve when they entertained the thought seed that suggested that God could not be trusted to help them be what they were designed to be.


Now Adam had no way of learning anything other than what the Spirit of God would teach him – that is why God spoke to Adam.  That is the need man has, it is for truth spoken by God. This is the spiritual life functioning capacity of man.  We need to know truth and believe in truth in order to develop psychologically right.

Man also had to learn how things in the physical world would affect him.  This is his physical life functioning capacity.

When the spiritual and the physical provide what we need to learn, understand and form habits in, that is what is called the psychological life functioning capacity or soul-logical capacity.

If, even before the fall of man, Adam had stepped on a pointed sharp stone, he would have felt pain and would have learned to avoid sharp stones.

When they dug up a carrot they would soon learn that the gritty dirt needed to be wiped off for they would soon be influenced to make such a decision in life because it would have been unpleasant to munch on dirt.

We have all learned from Adam onward how to be polite to others, how to cut branches off trees and make tools for gardening, and even how to build bridges and skyscrapers.

Of course we can see just how God intended for man to develop his own space.

God could have spoken bridges into existence to cross all of those rivers back there in the Garden but he left that for man to think and reason through and then to develop plans and eventually assemble a bridge from all of what was originally provided to man by God – physical material and psychological use of our mind and its reasoning abilities.

And the same  applies to how we must learn inter-relational social skills.  We must receive truth from God and then obey.  That is what active present tense faithing activity in a believer’s life is all about.  This is living in the present from one step of faith into another step of faithing.


By walking along certain paths, Adam developed a habit of subconsciously following that same path down to the river or nearest watering hole so he could wash himself after he took a “pee-pooper”.

He would also have learned to use certain leaves to wipe himself and not use the leaf of a stinging nettle or poison ivy.

He would soon learn that an animal is not suitable for sexual relations but that Eve is the perfect match.

A sexual relationship would require a giving of ones private genitals for the others enjoyment and never a taking or a dominating and forcing of simple self serving ramming.

Adam would have quickly realized that his woman’s vulva and his penis belong together for coitus and that any other orifice of the body is for other functions.  How sad that many a Christian does not get this nowadays.  .

The soul of man is where his consciousness and his subconscious mind operate, where his will and where his emotional center is.

All these then converge in the playground of the brain and cause chemicals, transmitters and receptors to work pathways of thought processing and storage.

But do not believe that the mind is our brain or that our brain is our mind.  Our mind  our will and our emotions are what constitute our soul and it is all non-physical and therefore they are not the brain for it is a physical mass of matter.

When Eve touched Adam’s genitals, Adam’s soul would retain the memory of that most pleasurable “stiffie” moment and he also would have learned that he could give Eve pleasure as well.

Without sin, it was the best a person could want and that was to want to please the other person because we ourselves would always want to be experiencing pleasure.

The spiritual law of love identifies what is in truth and what completes our need for pleasurable activity in life and that is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Phillipians 2-3

This simple one law law of love is what all the other laws in scripture talk about and point to.  We need to keep only one law and that is the one law which Christ fulfilled.

The Christians life has nothing to do with keeping 10 Commandments, or any of the 613 other laws found in the old covenant Scriptures.  Right from the start it was about one law – the law of love which also included that aspect of loving God with all of our heart, our mind and our soul with all of our strength.

Can you see how the spiritual and the physical brought satisfaction to one another?

Selfish desire was not present until the other spiritual source took what was in truth and in love and negated the faithful character of God.

Once doubt in God’s perfect and holy character was entertained from the thought seed given by the Serpent, deficient mental reasoning appeared within mankind.

Man felt shame, man felt guilt, man felt fear, fear led to lies, lies were believed about others.  We also then learned to believe in lies about our own God given abilities and ultimately every lie we believe in is a lie that seeks to devalue the perfect love for others character of God.

All mental illness is therefore totally attributable to a person’s belief in lies – even self-delusion where a person believes in lies he or she tell themselves.

Mental health issues can only be totally removed when we believe in the Person of Truth and in Him who sent Him.







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