2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

Your Ultimate Guide to Christian Soul Care

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Healing and Helping Damaged Souls

 There is always help for a damaged soul but is there help waiting for a baby base-jumper without a parachute?

base jumping

Watch this incredible baby perform its first base-jump


No matter what your past looks like, there is a Great Physician who will make you whole and restore your soul.

Its like when we arrive on planet Earth, we can be considered to be base jumpers without a parachute who end up being placed into hostile territory where we get hurt and must learn to fend for ourselves at an early age.

We must become learners in every area of our life including the in the spiritual life functioning capacity for by it we source our character and form our belief system which controls our behavior and our actions.

Human beings are ‘becoming souls’ and that means we must derive our character from one of two spiritual sources – truth or negated truth.

We are contingent beings who depend on others and need others in our lives.

Many a child is taught to become independent.  They are given keys so they may let themselves in at home after school because both parents are busy elsewhere.

Many parents neglect those they have been given the responsibility to care for.

Animals do what animals must do according to the Creator’s purposes for them.
Human on the other hand all do what they must not do and end up needing to have someone rescue them from the misery of their ways.
Watch the video below and then find out what others did wrong in their life and then had their damaged souls healed.  You are not alone.  Many of us have experienced hurts we can’t or do not dare to share.

Come to Jesus, He is the Savior that has been waiting for you since you first base jumped into this cruel place called planet Earth.

I hope you will enjoy the slideshow below as much as you enjoyed the baby base-jumper video above.


To watch the below Slide presentation – click here

 Great Physician

Prescriptions for damaged souls


Believe in the Person of Truth and you will experience this amazing transformation of past hurts and mental dysfunction and all manner of disorders.

You will be made into a new creation.

You will be removed from the family of liars, thieves and murderers and will become a child of truth, love and light.



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