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Who is the Master in Masturbation Complete E book on Master Bates

A study of human sexual masturbation from a Christian perspective, considering the issues to be pondered by a Christian individual.

The thoughts and ideas presented in these writings are the express understandings views and opinions of each author.  Although our views may differ on various points, we do not wish to detract from the awesome love of Jesus these authors have demonstrated for the cause of Christ and His church.

At the time of this post, all of these herein identified books were offered for free by the author, at or at  If there should appear a price at Amazon or at Smashwords or at any other retailer at any time in the future, I apologize for still having them identified in this category of Free E-Books.

If you wish to be able to download these books into a ebook reader format you will need to go directly to for them.

 THE DISCLAIMER:                                                                                                                               I probably do not agree with everything that anyone has to say in their articles on this site, nor have I ever totally agreed with anyone I have met in life. This probably includes you also. And there probably isn’t anyone out there who agrees with everything I believe or have to say either. I am not your spiritual father, teacher, and definitely not your Lord or the Holy Spirit, nor am I your priest (See Matt23:8-10, Heb3:1, 1Peter2:9, etc). If I only placed articles on my site that I considered perfect, then I probably wouldn’t be able to place any articles on my site ever, including my own. Now that I have said that, I do believe there is truth to be found in every article on my site. It is up to you and the Holy Spirit in you to discern what is good, and to ponder or reject the rest. So, that is all I have to say about that, thus ending my disclaimer. 🙂                                                                                    I liked this disclaimer so I borrowed it. Garry G. Laser

Sexuality Redefined

Sexuality-Redefined –

Today’s world has been described as being a sex-saturated society. We are being bombarded with sexual lures from all direction. From the internet to television and billboards, we can barely see sane telecast on our electronic media especially during musicals and movie projection. This book will give you an understanding of your sexual heritage, God’s original intention for sex, man’s intention for sex, the consequences of sexual sins and God’s answer to sexual sins.

Filth to Faith by John M. Boychuck

From Filth-to-Faith

Grit, dirt and sweat. We often forget that we exist in a world of filth. We abstract away our dilemmas and consider ourselves creatures of serendipity and fortune. Filth to Faith examines the real world of grime. Filth to Faith looks at pornography, its outcomes and its endeavors. John Boychuk takes us on a journey into the pornography industry as it affects us personally.

But there is hope. On the other side of pornography addiction is true hope. This book examines what it means to break free from extreme pornography addiction. Right next to a very real picture of pornography and its effects on us, John illustrates the very real “exit” from this compulsion and world of dirt and grime.

Nothing short of a “how to” guide on breaking pornography addiction, Filth to Faith looks at Surgeon General reports, popular statistics, personal accounts, research material and more to create a very real picture of pornography and freedom.

 Pornography /Erototoxins


It is all around us, seeping into our brains, via magazines, newspapers and television. Once there, it gets to work, “reflexively and mechanically restructuring the brain “; terrifyingly, “involuntary cellular change takes place even during sleep, resisting informed consent “.

According to Dr Judith Reisman, pornography affects the physical structure of your brain turning you into a porno-zombie. Porn, she says, is an “erototoxin “, producing an addictive “drug cocktail ” of testosterone, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin with a measurable organic effect on the brain.

Some of us might consider this a good thing. Not Reisman: erototoxins aren’t about pleasure, they’re a “fear-sex-shame-and-anger stimulant”. Reisman’s paper on the subject The Psychopharmacology of Pictorial Pornography Restructuring Brain, Mind & Memory & Subverting Freedom of Speech has helped make her the darling of the anti-pornography crusade, and in November last year she presented her erototoxin theory to the US senate.

Under the auspices of Utah’s Lighted Candle Society (LCS), Reisman and Victor Cline, a clinical psychologist at the University of Utah, began raising money from American conservative and religious organisations. They hope to raise at least $3m to conduct MRI scans on victims under the influence of porn and so prove their theories correct. They foresee two possible outcomes: if they can demonstrate that porn physically “damages ” the brain, that might open the floodgates for “big tobacco”-style lawsuits against porn publishers and distributors; second, and more insidiously, if porn can be shown to “subvert cognition ” and affect the parts of the brain involved in reasoning and speech, then “these toxic media should be legally outlawed, as is all other toxic waste, and eliminated from our societal structure “.

What’s more, people whose brains have been rotted by pornography are no longer expressing “free speech ” and, for their own good, shouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment.

Other Free e-Books written by followers of this site.


 Gossamer Cross -The Prophet









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