2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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FREE E-BOOK – Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwing…)

I was in the cockpit together with Andreas Lubitz – “WHO AM I?” You get to participate in identifying me. As human beings we all have this deep innate desire to know the truth. But exactly how does a person come to know what is true and what is speculation, theory, conjecture, wishful thinking or even media-manipulation? Is a partial or an incomplete truth really true or is it something else?

Click Through on the Book Cover below to download various formats as you need.  Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved Germanwings by Garry G. Laser

Do you enjoy reading?
Would you be interested in reading my latest E-Book publication?
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I invite you to read it.
If it has blessed you, would you be so kind and willing to share your comments at the retail location from which you downloaded it?
I would greatly appreciate your participation and truthful review and any critical thought, ideas and corrections you may wish to offer me.

The free E-Book is entitled:
Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings…)
Soulology on 50 plus Shades of Truth

I also have three (3) other books being released on November 21, 2015.
One of these releases will be made available for FREE for a limited time.
I would urge you, if you are interested, that you consider placing a pre-order for it and use the special coupon code which I will enclose below.

This is the book which will be made available for free for a very limited time-
Soulology 101 – From Whence cometh Mental Illness –
Addressing the missing link of psycho-theory-therapy-logic

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Thank you for your time and consideration in learning what God has been teaching me in the solitude of listening to Him.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You with thirst and hunger for Him and His righteousness.

PS: Please feel free to share this offer with others if you are so moved by the Holy Spirit.

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