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On The Beginnings of the

Enhanced and Expanded
PinPoint Paraphrase Bible Version

When you read portions of Scripture which I have identified as being quoted or used from the EPV please note that this is written in my own style of how I have come to understand God’s written truth. What I am attempting to do is to present a paraphrase or a re phrasing of what God spoke to the writers of old who wrote by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
I am not a Greek scholar nor am I a Hebrew scholar. I make no claim as to any accuracy of translation for I am not intending to translate what so many have successfully accomplished. What I write is not inspired – so please remember this when you read anything in ‘The Enhanced and Expanded PinPoint Version’. I write what I have heard God say to me as I seek to understand His truth from the perspective of the soul-logical truths I have learned and been illumined on.
May I humbly suggest that as you study the entire PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding Series that you would do good to go to the old King James Version or any other version which has become your personal favorite and then identify the specific verses I am referring to and to then read them for all the accuracy of translation in truth found therein. But I also ask that you be open to God’s Holy Spirit for He is always at work in the present tense of our need to understand that which is confusing at times or which remains hidden to our understanding due to our lack of word knowledge or due to a lack of comprehension when it comes to words and phrases that others who have been brought up in other cultures and languages have no difficulty understanding.
I have always had a difficult time understanding the German Martin Luther translation when I was younger and maybe you too have or had issues with the understanding of all the language usage as used by King James in his days on the throne. I take the liberty to reference one such verse that caused me, when I was young in my spiritual understanding, a considerable difficulty in comprehension. In 1 Samuel 25:22 KJV we read “So and more also do God unto the enemies of David, if I leave of all that pertain to him by the morning light any that pisseth against the wall.” Now, at that time I came to understand that it would mean someone who is a male and held his penis in his hands to take a leak as we said amongst ourselves as young boys on the schoolyard. But did it mean taking a leak against walls only or could it also be against trees or rocks. I did not at that time have an understanding that it could possibly also include every male animal that lifted its leg to pee against the wall. But could that verse also really mean to include animals? Since when were animals enemies of David when it came to spiritual stuff? Did this also include male babies and infants who peed their diapers wet or only those who dare to engage in a public display of disrespect? Sometimes it seemed to me, that it would be good to have had an enhanced understanding by use of expanded words and phrases common to my time which I could more readily understand. I guess that is why we have paraphrase versions such as The Message.
The Enhanced and Expanded PinPoint Version (EPV) has come about one verse at a time and is currently still being put together as I keep writing and have a need to provide enhanced soul-logical understanding. In the compilation of the EPV I liberally use gleaned and compiled phrases and words from numerous other translations and versions thus enhancing and expanding on pin point truths and aiming for a higher resolution in clarity, inclusiveness and accuracy. It is all with a desire to lead us into a deeper spiritual soul-logical understanding about our self which I pray would ultimately lead to our glorifying God.
I haven’t even scratched the surface of what would be a monumental task, to say the least, of even completing an entire book. As I keep writing and I feel so moved, I will continue to add more to this version.
Please, please do not consider my work as the work of any learned scholar or professional in any area. I am but an aged 67 year old man who has come to learn more of what God is, especially as it refers to my life. What I have learned is entirely due to God’s grace activity of opening my spiritual eyes so I may see and be taught by His Holy Spirit in the context of soul-logical understanding.

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