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Do Real Men Vote for a Man-Hater —a Misandrist Like Hillary?

Men Supporting Hillary Clinton Have Lower Testosterone

“the counterpart to a misogynist is a misandrist”

Liberal men are low testosterone sissies, and now the science is in. Meet the Vaginans!

Liberal men are…

  1. sissies,

  2. girly hormone boys,

  3. castrated eunuchs,

  4. deballed transgendered males,

  5. effeminates 

  6. beta boys

  7. ‘CoverGirl’ shemales

  8. males with low testosterone

  9. All of the above

The science on this subject is now in.

Meet the new breed of Vaginans! 

The urban meaning of this word “vaginan” is related to the person who is a female and a ‘strict  man-hater’.  This vaginan is a person who proclaims that she will never touch a male’s sexual appendage – ever.   Now, to invert and enhance on that meaning of such a lesbian’s thought process, it stands to reason, that any man, who supports such a woman who hates a fully erect standing testosterone Alpha male, could logically, – by some element of definition extension, also be classified as being a man-hater and thus come to be referred to as a vaginan in addition to being called a misandrist. 

I know, liberal logic is so convoluting that it becomes an experience in insanity should one ever be able to unravel the true meanings of anything a progressive says.  Apparently, the lie becomes their truth in which they believe whole-heartedly.

Doctors say that men supporting Hillary Clinton likely have low testosterone levels. The question was posed,

    Could a hormonal dysfunction explain why some men think it’s a good idea to vote for Hillary Clinton?

According to ‘Fix This Nation’,

 A doctor in Fort Myers thinks so. Dr. Dareld Morris, a hormone specialist at the Morris Medical and Weight Loss Center, is running commercials in Southwest Florida that encourage Hillary-supporting men to get their testosterone levels checked.

Dr. says these may be low testosterone pink-sissy girly guys

The Doctor says this (about the five low testosterone sissie, pink panty wearing monkeys who keep jumping on their bed and who keep falling off and hurting their head).

“As a community service, for any guys out there that are thinking of voting for Hillary, I want to offer you a free testosterone test. Let’s see if we can help.”

body transformation [Converted]

“Most are not aware of the effect low Testosterone can have on your mental state and so much more.  For instance, your ability to focus and think clearly,” Morris says in the radio ads.


So what, we say, if it’s only one doctor who comes out and states this fact.

We have evidence to support this fact if one only looks at what Liberals call “men.”Schoolbus taking this beta man to a meeting

The TIMMY guy has “beta male” written all over him. It encapsulates everything that is wrong with our professional political class.

I guess it explains why they all are repulsed by Trump, an alpha-male of the first magnitude.

This TIMMY guy looks like a lost little boy getting ready to cry because he didn’t want to get on the school bus. And then he cries out from behind the glass, “Bye Mommy, I’m going on a road trip with Hillary.  I’ll be back soon.”

We’ve forgotten that successful men in America used to be very much the masculine role models who exuded high levels of masculinity –think of George Washington or Andrew Jackson. Heck, even short men like Teddy Roosevelt and Harry S Truman dominated a room with their presence.  Not like these kinds, who would rather suck on a lollipop taste of another male’s lips or tiptoeing through the tulips.Whitehouse Wimpgay-couple-us -lollipop taste testers

effeminate sissies with low testosterone

Dr. Morris admitted to an NBC affiliate that he “leans right” and that he is planning to vote for Donald Trump in November. However, he says he’s only being partially facetious in the commercials. He told reporters that he is genuinely curious to see if there is a significant correlation between Testosterone levels and political preferences.

According to the NBC station, Democrats at a Clinton campaign office in Dunbar, FL did not find the ad very humorous. Is it not humorous to all when the identified whiners of this ad were beta males.

The sissies cried … WAH, WAH, WAH!  The complainant was a “girly man who still lived in his parent’s basement because he was able to be claimed as a dependent, for health care benefits, on mommies entitlement stamps and dime.”

  The fact is, no real alpha man would vote for a misandrist (a man-hater) by the name of Hillary Clinton!

So if you believe yourself to be a man, but you are one of the ‘men’ supporting Hillary Clinton, just go get yourself some feminine napkins, and fire up your favorite chick flick, you are most likely a low testosterone level or a high estrogen level something. For sure you are a misandrist kind of a Vaginan.

“the counterpart to a misogynist is a misandrist”

a person who dislikes and despises, or is strongly prejudiced against men.


by Kevin Jackson | Oct 19, 2016. For his original unaltered version you can go to:

“As a community service, for any guys out there that are thinking of voting for Hillary, I want to offer you a free testosterone test. Let’s see if we can help.” DR. Dareld Morris

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