2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Conscience and Intuition

A PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding
On Conscience and Intuitionconscience

Within this spiritual life functioning capacity of man is the conscience of man which God placed into every person.

Within this conscience is found the entire truth bank and the law of love by which the Holy Spirit may, if we are listening, self-authenticate truth to us.

Hard wired into this conscience is the documented law of love that says “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” (Luke 10:27 NIV) and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31)


We are also able to recognize that every person has been given what we call intuition into their conscience.

This enablement element – intuition, is found within the spiritual life functioning capacity as well.

From out of this function we sense the direction we should be considering in life when it comes to doing what the law of loves demands.

Even evil and wickedly deranged people can often hear this direction which says. “Be nicer.”; “Show more kindness.”; “Be more patient.”; “Do more good deeds.”, and there are numerous other life traffic direction signals and sign posts.

These directions are merely an attempt by our God given spiritual life functioning capacity to direct every human self being into a mental understanding as to what the law of love requires us all to live like in the keeping and the doing of that law.

This however is not the proof that we have or that we are a divine self-god in our soul.

This intuitive direction is only proof that the Divine Self Being actually placed within the spiritual needy human self-vessel the knowledge of the essence of love and truth, which, without the presence of the Person whose essence is Love and Truth, can never experience the fulfillment of what love and truth demand.

Without the indwelling presence of the essence of the Person of Love and Truth one must attempt to do and try what one can by one’s own efforts and that in itself is an attempt to satisfy the ‘self for self’ agenda – which promotes self-righteousness, self-resourcefulness and self-sufficiency.

Spirit re-birth is the difference maker by which the spiritual life functioning capacity of man can be used to accomplish the purposes of God – to glorify Himself through the restored image of His perfect and holy character in man.

I am very pleased to see that this spiritual life functioning capacity is being taken more seriously as of late and that in some counseling and clinical practices they are utilizing assessments which include questions about ones spirituality connections and beliefs.

Spirituality does not, however, mean any connection to God in Jesus or the experience of re-birth by the work of the Holy Spirit within the human spirit.

Spirituality is also what is present when one engages in disobedience and unbelief for all that is equated with witchcraft, sorcery and idolatry worship to demons of materialism and consumerism.

We need to focus in on a person’s spiritual life functioning capacity to determine, if someone we seek to counsel and minister to, has received new life by God’s fresh breath from Heaven or if they are still experiencing the hellish tormenting activity associated with relational and emotional dying deaths evident in mental and emotional sufferings and pain.

To comprehend PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding requires that one ‘stand under’ the authority of truth.

Are you willing to stand under God’s authority? If you are, then I ask you to doubt everything I write and personally ask God to self-authenticate anything and everything that has been written by me as to whether it be in truth or otherwise.

Accept only that which God reveals to you in your personal faithing activity.

Believe only that which God directs you to believe as being in the fullness of truth.

I seek not to promote truthfulness for in what is often referred to as truthfulness therein one finds omissions, and additions not of God.

I seek to promote only what I have come to accept as being in truth.


Consider with me how our conscience works at identifying what we need to be and how our intuition identifies which direction we need to take.

Conscience and intuition are that which belong to the spiritual life functioning capacity man was created with.


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