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Two American Evangelical Fundamentalist Cults – “Christian-Zionism” and “King James Only”

“Christian-Zionism” and “King James Only”

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Christian Zionism Cult

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How does this “KJV Only” Cult

gain such traction within what is called

Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity?

I have been greatly blessed in reading the Authorized King James Version of 1611.

But what I have against the “King James Only” Cult is this that it is

Made in America Bible Idolatry

Authorized King James  Version or not KJAV –

Beware of those who judge others

That might be your question

Does God speak truth by the Spirit of Truth or by the

‘Unvarnished English Version’ AKA Authorized KJV only?

Is truth found in doctrine?  Oftentimes – yes.

Is the “KJV only” doctrine truth? If it were, then it must be “to Hell” with the rest of us, you or them.  So very close to what Islam is all about with the Qur’an, is it not?

Tell me folks, does the love of Christ come through in these kind of posts and depictions? Yes there are those who fleece the flock but there are those who do it with the authorized “KJV only version” as well.

The deeds of the flesh are that we need to make someone else appear to be less real and less valuable because then we would hopefully and subconsciously be seen by others as being more right and thus better.

Some KJV only folks apparently live by the doctrines of man and not by the love of God for if it is not “the KJV only doctrines” which they believe, then it truly must be “to perdition” with everyone who does not use the KJV.

What a sorry bunch who would believe in such a lie.


The Holy Spirit of God is the Spirit of Truth

Is the Spirit of Truth the essence of truth eternal?

If so, does the recent newcomer(KJV) on Earth from 1600’s onward become the eternal Word of God?

Who would dare to suggest that the KJAV teaches that God in the flesh becomes “God’s Word” in authoritative print to the English reading public?


If the KJV has indeed been translated in over 2000 languages then the same cultural understanding must be considered as did the translators of the KJV who had to consider those who understand only the English idiom and vocabulary.


To translate from a translation provides for greater possibilities of error.  And thus it just demonstrates even more that translators may make errors but the Holy Spirit does not.  It is impossible to translate from a translation and remain as close to the original as God intended.


Beware of Churchy Menbers

   When you judge someone who reads a different language of the Scriptures you must be the one who is perfect to think you can make such a call, and you must obviously believe that God is unable to communicate with violators of KJV only adherents.
Does God not also communicate to such a person by the Spirit of Truth?
Truth is not in a particular version or perversion; Truth is in the essence of the one who is the Person of Truth – GOD.  The essence of Truth is never ink and paper for that can be burned can it not?
Am I a member of a false church because I read the Scriptures in a language which is foreign to you?
Do you read the Scriptures in their Greek versions, in German, in Hebrew or even in Aramaic?
I do love the KJV but it is only letters, ink and paper;  Truth alone is in the Spirit that give understanding.
I must be lost to believe that when I can read more than one language that I must be a fake christian for not reading the KJV only.
Please reconsider your opinion of others for I truly do want to be in heaven with you – but apparently I can,t have real life in Christ unless I read what you say is the only right true version to read.
I sure hope God has mercy on me for reading something different.
I trust your blessings in life do not come from diminishing others who are saints in Christ by  the re-birth of their human spirit by the Word of Life Himself and who believe in the life changing power of the Spirit of truth
*Response from:

+Garry Laser Not Language but False Doctrine.
NIV alone has removed over 60,000 words. Can you tell me that’s accurate?
*Response back by Garry:
 I have posted a video you may want to watch below.
When it’s all about words and doctrine, theology and sorteriology, eschatology and numerology of what is contained in a book then that book has indeed become an idol which you worship.
Truth is in the Holy Spirit alone for He is the Spirit of Truth.
God reveals truth about himself in nature so should we worship the nature and never build roads, dig up earth to place water and sewer lines or move earth to build a house on that spot?
Have you ever been on a missions trip and found individuals who have never had any piece of Scripture but who knew the truth about God and Jesus?  How is that possible if not for the Holy Spirit?
If it were only for mean spirited churchy folks, these people who heard the word of God’s Spirit  would never become believers because they would not be able to read the KJV as authorized by “QUEEN JAMES”
Do you know anything about this KING JAMES as documented in history books?
Do you know anything about TGBS?
I personally do not agree with everything everyone says or writes because the Holy Spirit gives to me clarity of understanding when I need it.
Many things are good to know but truth and authority is and always remains in God, Jesus and the Spirit of Truth all which make up the oneness of the Godhead.
When a bad idea becomes your only anchor, you have already begun to sink away from what the truth in love really is all about.
Feel free to watch what someone else has posted on YouTube at:
Feel free to watch it below as well.
If you have a teachable spirit and are open to knowing the Person of Truth, I challenge you to watch it but with a cautionary attitude under the governance of the Holy Spirit.
Response to above by:
+Garry Laser nay am I perfect but by the Spirit of Truth it was revealed to me. Not cherry picking Google ‘d pictures. I am far past the understanding of this world, knowing Jesus and Knowing the Father.
Think again of the King James Bible was the First official translation to English under a king no less and God says clearly there is Power in a king.Ecclesiates 8:4
” Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What are you doing? “Add that God is not a God of confusion.1 Corinthians 14:33
” For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.”And last, the KJV has been translated in over 2000 languages. I am not a KJV onlyst I do read in other manuscripts that have been discovered after the bible was wrote. The Dead Sea scrolls are amazing.


  Response by:

Andreea Spence

Those who truly seek Truth will not stray off from it. Why go after lighter versions of Truth only to accommodate our understanding? I do not believe that condemning one to destruction due to affiliation with other versions of the Bible is Christian like, but that alone doesn’t subtract the Truth it holds to it. Truth is Truth. Not alternatives to it. If modernity tags us only to fit a trend, we are ought and we will loose sight of Truth. The new versions are an obscureness disguise that fools many. Salvation doesn’t hang on what versions we read, but we are called to discern and not give into foolishness. For the wisdom of the world is foolishness before God.It is not as simplistic as you make it to come across. It is not just a contrast of a foreign language vs a different version. For the size of the issue is too large to briefly explain. The new versions brings removal and doubt into one’s mind regards God’s Word. Versions like NIV have added little footnotes to plenty passages alluding that there’s slightly a chance they are not divinely inspired or coexisted within the original.So, I ask you,what then authoritative does it hold anymore when such a doubt is brought into ones life? Verses that hold meaning and are God breathed have become a mockery by man to either add or subtract to it. Sad and disturbing really.I am much younger than yourself but I hold with all mighty we are to be very cautious what we give into and not take the faith lightly for we will account for everything
Response back by Garry:
Very well expressed Andreea.
Doctrine is based on an individuals understanding of what truth is spoken by a spirit – be it the spirit of falsehood or the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, doctrine belongs to the category of belief and even infidels, gentiles and KJV only folks all have beliefs based on what we have been taught and accepted as being good to adhere to.
Now however, a re-birthed Christian will have beliefs as well and will hold dearly to their version of doctrines.
But that is exactly what Jesus chastised many of His time for.
They believed in doctrines of angels, the law,  etc.
With God it is about the present tense of FAITHING –
Faithing is not a usual American understood word.  This word FAITHING” is the active verb of faith which has two divergent concepts of the one verb ” to believe”.
It is impossible for any other person in the world to say they live by faithing except of course the ones who truly listen to the Spirit of Truth and obey that voice.
Consider this, Bible thumping KJV ONLY folks that I have met call themselves ‘sinners saved by grace’.
But if the doctrine of sin is that we must or will continuously sin then we have proof that we believe a lie.
Jesus Himself said on two occasions in John – KJV “sin no more”.
Now why is that not the case for those who live by doctrines of KJV?
Because the KJV does not make doctrines of truth- we who are human do that.
Must we then not understand that it is a requirement of God that when He speaks truth that we also be able to hear Him, understand Him and obey that truth otherwise He would be a capricious God who is a fear monger and not the God who is the essence of LOVE.
Why not call ourselves saints for Is that not the truth?
Much of what I had learned to believe in the German language Scriptures was based on good sound exegesis but not what God Himself taught me by listening to the Spirit of truth.
Faithing brings about change of much in our life even the ceasing of diminishing those who read a different version.
The KJV is an easy enough version to read, yet they too had to change sentence structure and do rephrasing of sentences so that those who speak in and with the English idioms would be able to understand what was originally written.
If versions, translations and language usage are not placed in the same category of providing easily understood access to historically Holy Spirit inspired books, letters and journals then nobody should ever have translated any document.
KJV only folk would therefore have the same mentality as the folks who believe that Allahaha’s word must not be recited in any other language even if those reciters do not understand the meaning of any word they speak.  What ignorance of Truth do we possess as “Christians”?
Your Brother in Christ who is comfortable in hearing Truth as well as reading the Scriptures.


Response by:
+Garry Laser​ I really like this post and your truly Blessed to be able to read the the scriptures in different languages. We lose some meaning in translation. From Aramaic to the English language and other languages words are rearranged and certain thing are lost in translation. No one is good but the FATHER. IN the long run when we are TRULY in The Holy Spirit we know what’s REAL and what’s fake We as believers of the WORD know that adding or subtracting from the word of The Most HIGH is a SIN. The devil is cunning and uses who ever He can and if people are worldly and change the original text to water down its meaning then they will surely DIE. Not only should we keep His commandments but His Laws, We Must ALSO acknowledge that Yashua didn’t come to change the laws but to abide by the Father. Great Post I celebrate YAHWEH daily as we All should. Following The Father is a daily way of life, Not a once a week thing. Peace & Love ALWAYS


 Is there a false doctrine in the video below because no particular version has been used?
Can God not give correct doctrine to anyone He so desires to receive it by the Spirit of Truth?

 Feel free to watch below but know…


 THE DISCLAIMER:                                                                                                                               I probably do not agree with everything that anyone has to say in their articles on this site, nor have I ever totally agreed with anyone I have met in life. This probably includes you also. And there probably isn’t anyone out there who agrees with everything I believe or have to say either. I am not your spiritual father, teacher, and definitely not your Lord or the Holy Spirit, nor am I your priest (See Matt23:8-10, Heb3:1, 1Peter2:9, etc). If I only placed articles on my site that I considered perfect, then I probably wouldn’t be able to place any articles on my site ever, including my own. Now that I have said that, I do believe there is truth to be found in every article on my site. It is up to you and the Holy Spirit in you to discern what is good, and to ponder or reject the rest. So, that is all I have to say about that, thus ending my disclaimer. 🙂 I liked this disclaimer so I borrowed it. Garry G. Laser.

I am not one who holds any great stock in the very recent two century divergent dispensationalist teachings which claim that there will be a pre, mid tribulation rapture, a post tribulation-millennium reign on earth and a restoration of Judaic sacrifices in Jerusalem.

I do believe that Jesus the Christ will return again.

In order for you to understand where I come from and many others who have learned to discern truth by the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend the following book.  Order it right here.




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