2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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An Interesting Mental Awareness Test! Is Perception based on Truth or Biases?

Do you see what you are biased to see?

Do you see or perceive the world accurately, correctly and in truth?

do you see it or is it your perception?




Do you think you see things correctly?

Are you sure you see real objects when you look at a certain direction?

Do you think you see everything that exits?

Do people who witness accidents report all they saw?

As you watch the following video, count the number of passes the white team makes then continue to read the rest of this article.

This short video has been viewed millions of times, yet it may still be used for illustration purposes that everything we see is not always a part of our conscious awareness.

Why did you not perceive everything you saw?

Why did you not see everything that was present?

10268696_What you see and what you perceive

Just consider this to be a fact: You will see only that which you focus on, not everything that comes into you line of vision.

By habit we do not see the needs of people around us.  However when we intentionally pay attention to people we will become aware of their needs.

We often see what is not even real. We will see people for who they have portrayed themselves to be.  We see the illusion not the reality.

When fashion or beauty is our focus we focus on the outward appearance of a person. When we focus on speech only, on what someone has to say, we often neglect the truth of what is not visible in their hurting heart.

We do not always have an accurate perception on any given thing.  We interpret people’s facial expressions and their body language but do we always get it right?  Do we know what their soul is trying to tell us?.

I can remember that there were times when I have looked so intently at the location in front of the supermarket where I am to meet my wife that I do not see the danger of someone else darting out from between parked cars.  I have at times also missed my friend’s greetings as I looked right past them at someone else.

Even when I knew that person and they afterwards asked me if I saw them I had to admit not seeing everything that was in my line of vision.


When you have something you focus on, the direct line of vision and sight as well as the peripheral activity and details become almost invisible just as it happened when you counted the number of passes the white team made and did not observe the bear.

What happens when you believe you are an unlovable person?

How you got that belief is based on one or two interpretations of your perceptions.  Perceptions that may be totally inaccurate.

Just because a certain potential dating friend does not want to go on a date with you does not mean that you are unlovable.

But once you entertain that thought seed and dwell on it, you will from that day forward have established a subconscious goal of finding more evidence that supports your belief that you are  unlovable.

You looked for what you believed you will see.

Because you were looking for ball passes within the white group, you believed you were going to see and be able to count the number of passes so you could have an accurate count and pass the test.  But as you realized, the test was on something completely different.

When God tests us we often only see the physical misfortunes and the sufferings we experience.

Too often we do not pay attention to the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit right in the midst of all the pain and suffering we go through.

You only see what matches your beliefs

If you do not see yourself as a SAINT, who is having  the image of God’s character restored in you, it will be difficult to be grateful and thankful in your trials.  You will still believe the lie that you are a sinner saved by grace instead of being a saint.

If your focus is on your belief that you are unlovable or that you are not marrying material or on your lack of humor, you will remain ungrateful for the gift God has already provided to you for fighting off the liars thoughts.

When you focus on your car you could believe that you are undesirable because of the type of car you are driving and you will miss the many opportunities God has set before your eyes.

The same can be said about any body part that you are not happy with.

If you believe that a certain part of your anatomy needs to be made to look more glamorous, sexy, handsome or appealingly made larger or smaller, then you will have those goals come to you in your subconscious mind.  If you perceive and believe the lie that you are  trapped in a wrong body you will seek to conform biology to your perception.  You may change many parts of your body and others may perceive you to be what you are not and for a time that may work for you. You believe the lies offered by transgenderism and act out the will of the Liar who dictates dissatisfaction with God.

You will then always compare yourself to others and you will ignore everything that is contrary to your subconscious goals to find evidence that what you believe is true even though it is a lie.

It is easy to miss that you are perfectly knit together and that God wants to finish His work in you. It is easy to miss what it is that God wants you to see about Him or miss what he wants you to learn.

The obvious Christian lessons are to help us see and walk by faith.  We may not always see what God has in store, but we also need not perceive what is not known with full truth and assurance.  The activity of faithing is what gives us not the trust in that which we are able to see but the trust in God who is faithful to what He says and is.

Sometimes the reality of what we have in us is missed because we focus on what is irrelevant or something of lesser significance.

Perception is what occurs when we see or experience something and some element is missing.  Our subconscious mind works to built a congruent complete picture and in that process we fit pieces together and end up believing in lies about God, others and ourselves.

What you perceive and what you see

Did you find the various faces?










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