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Amazing Emotional Pain Relief! Try This …Compassion!

 Compassion: Pain Relief for Emotional Pains


When you are in any sort of physical pain, do you not reach for some sort of pain killer?  Most folks do.  So what kind of pain killer do folks reach out for who are in various stages of emotional pain?

Emotions are an element of your intangible soul.  It is not a physical component of yourself, so why would you grab a painkiller from the medicine drawer?  What is ironic is that most folks actually seek to dull their emotional pain with a physical substance.The sad part of emotional pain sufferers is that way too often they seek to gain better mental health by running to the therapy offered by psychology and psychiatry or they pour themselves some alcohol and even pop some prescription drugs.  These folks may eventually become addicted and engage in various forms of substance abuse which can do nothing except cause a cycle of self-destructive behavior.

What I find interesting is that the real culprit behind all forms of human emotional pain can be traced back to our own thoughts which we dwell on and the lies we believe. When we experience hellish emotional pain, we tend to become entangled in self-pity and these self-pity thoughts lead further to self-defeating thoughts and actions. Then, all we think about is our suffering, our pain and we think about ourselves as being victims.

We wallow in self-pity.

Without fail, those who engage in thoughts of self-pity and view themselves as victims will soon find themselves bogged down in the quagmire of depression, loneliness, isolation and even experience disassociation from others.  Hopelessness, helplessness, and emptiness will fill the painful emotional vortex.

The deeper a person circles into this depression and anxiety vortex the more they experience pain.  This emotional pain is the way of how the spiritual life functioning capacity known as the forefending system gives us warnings.  Consider this, when a person needs water this spiritual forefending system identifies the feeling of thirst.  When we experience that feeling we know that we must get up and go and get that drink of water.  Yes, the forefending system is a spiritual one and even the physical needs of our body are directly connected to our spiritual life functioning.  That is why Jesus was able to say, …

 “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

Emotional pain is real and it is processed within the physical mass known as the brain.  But emotional pain is also often the symptom which gives us a clue that something is not right or that something is missing and not being met spiritually within us.

The emotional pain associated with loneliness such a forfending warning system. Emotional pain is the feeling we get to experience when we fail to satisfy our need for being kind, generous, helpful and compassionate towards others.

When my thoughts and concerns are all about “me, myself and I”, we will lose the ability to recognize the need to do unto others first what we want them to do to us.  An interesting spiritual life functioning ways we have – is it not?  When we fail to be compassionate towards those we come across as being in need of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and kindness, we will experience ever greater mental dysfunctions and emotional pains ourselves.  It is the way we were made to function as humans.

compassion kindness, forefending system for improved mental healthAs I have just mentioned, there is a way of eliminating emotional pain for believers in Jesus Christ and there is a way of greatly reducing mental illnesses and dysfunctions for all mankind.  The law of love is to do unto others first that what you want them to treat you like.  You need to go and practice what the manifestation of love looks like.  The essence of Love is a Person – it is God who indwells those who are spiritually re-birthed and He will bring forth all that which makes for a great other-oriented way of living.  We will have compassion becoming a greater part of our “other toward awareness” and that will be coupled with kindness, patience and more.

Compassion towards others is a pill-free remedy for reducing your personal emotional pain.

The word compassion comes from the Latin ‘compati’ meaning “to suffer together”. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines compassion as “the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

Compassion redirects a person’s self-centered focus onto the needs of others. When we’re compassionate, we get involved in another’s pain and, in the process, an amazing thing occurs – our own sense of misery diminishes.

“Do unto others first, that which you would have them do unto you”

Did you know that The Law of Love works all the time even when you practice it and you do not believe in Jesus the Christ and thus are not a Christian?

Jesus was moved by compassion to engage His serving ministry on Earth

In the Gospels, we read that Jesus was moved by compassion for people at least 14 times.

One example is found in Matthew 20:34 where it says:

“So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him.”

Isn’t it an amazing spiritual functioning manner how whenever Jesus felt and was moved by compassion for another person, He would stop everything He was doing and focus fully on that person?  The Father’s will was accomplished within Jesus as the Father’s heart of love stirred Jesus to engage the needy person by having Jesus feel compassion for that person.

I think it’s safe to say that Jesus’s ministry to mankind, within the geographic location of His travels, was led by the presence of the Holy Spirit who used the human feelings of compassion in bringing about God-ordained meetings and ultimately restoration to others.

Seeing others with God’s eyes

One day in my early teenage years I told God “Lord give me your heart. I want to feel what you feel. I want to laugh over what you laugh and weep over what you weep.”. Well, God pretty much took this prayer serious. I spent a few sleepless nights laying on my face crying as flashes of hundreds of pictures were appearing in front of my eyes. Faces of hopeless individuals, broken families, people being hurt and abused… it went on and on and I could feel the pain and compassion a father would feel for his child in each of these situations. Then He would lead me into a vision of the vast power of His Gospel and I spent an other couple of hours laughing, getting filled up with hope. These encounters changed my life forever. It’s as if Holy Spirit brought my heart in tune with what and how God sees. (Daniel Vogler)

Did you ever realize just how easily our hearts get moved towards feeling  compassion for helpless little children??compassion for the poor little children

Compassion for the small, and vulnerable comes easier than for the strong and agressive

Compassion is a triggered heart response of the soul.

The spiritual life functioning capacity of man is endowed with not just a conscience and the embedded law of love for others but it also the place where we receive our intuition from.  Mankind is moved spiritually by their intuition and conscience to live by the spiritual law of love for others.  God’s spiritual law of love is hard-wired into the human spirit even though the human spirit is by default in a spiritually dead state. The knowledge of what is good to do and what is right to do is present, but the presence and the power of the Person who is the essence of love needs to be present and indwelling in a person in order to have Him live out His love in us, as us and through us.

To be spiritually dead does not mean that one has no knowledge of what is the better way to be in life.

compassion - thinner than everIntuition always directs a person:

to be kinder,

to be more helpful,

to be more generous,

to be forgiving of others missteps and shortcomings,

to be nicer,

to be more listening and thus less talkative 

to be more loving towards others and

to be more selfless.

Intuition is always right and directs towards that which is more noble, more virtuous, more in line with integrity and honesty and never acts like a cosmic cop ready to give a ticket when speeding past someone who needs help from you personally.  That is not the function of intuition. Intuition is simply a God installed guidepost to help man live within the relational community of love as a social being.

But what of the big bad ones who stir up different feelings within us? Are we not to also have compassion on their lost souls?

But what of the big bad “SEWER DWELLERS” the ones who stir up different feelings within us? Are we not to also have compassion on their lost souls?

Fear – Is the World’s Greatest Compassion Killer

When it looks like there could be a danger to our personal being, we tend to back off on engaging in compassion on the wicked in need.  Yes, it is true that for the most part, we all seem to be able to experience a stirring of compassion  for those who are vulnerable, weak and small sick children and cute looking baby animals.  They are no threat to us.

But what of the big bad ones who stir up different feelings within us?  Are we not to also have compassion on their lost souls?

The more images we see of Muslim migrants demanding to be given what they need in addition to what they want – like sharia law for all, the more we begin to despise their immigration to our countries.  I am very guilty of loving myself first and seeking the comfort of my own life  before I would ever want to let my government help those who have suffered loss by way of war and economic upheaval in their country.

Do you see where my thought train is leading here? 

compassion kindness to all sentient beingsIt is natural to have a compassionate response triggered within us and be protective of others who are weak, small and cuddly – including those cute little animals, but not so natural when it comes to those who want to kill us for not being faithful Islam adherents.  We recoil from those in fear.

It is our perception of others which is too often inaccurate and not based in the fullness of truth.  When we perceive a potential threat to our way of life and the comforts we have, we shy away from triggered compassion responses.

Yet we are clearly told in the Scriptures, to deny our habituated selves and when that ‘denying of one’s self’ is practiced, we will be able to help others even to the point of moving into a potentially dangerous position where we are willing to lay down our life for the sake of another.

Do you see yourself as a physician or medical practitioner who is coming to bring healing to the sick, or do you see yourself as being someone inferior who might get infected by the sickness of the other person? The way you answer this question might determine if you can feel compassion for the skid-row addict, the sexual exploiters, the greedy purveyors of a false “Christian” doctrine etc.

God restores all manner of individuals and will also restore in us who desire to have His love for others triggered in us by once again growing our compassion.

I do not think that we always get it right the way God has wanted it to be from the beginning.  He wanted us to be His regents ruling on planet Earth by imaging His essence and Character of love.

It is true that we have all, to some degree, lost the sensitivity to triggered compassion.  We have become desensitized by our busy life which focuses on loving ourselves first.  But let me encourage you to have God restore the proper compassion triggers within you and respond to the need of others as Jesus was able to experience the will of His Father being done in His life.

How to nurture and grow your compassion sensitivity

Stop – Take Time and Pray First

I would always begin by asking God to give us what He wants to give us for living out His love through us.  Remember, the Christian life is about God’s will not my will.  Do you know someone who is hurting – other than yourself?  Engage in a prayer asking for the restoration of true godly compassion sensitivity within you personally. Then pray for the restoration of those you know who are hurting souls.  Pray for the renewal of the other person’s courage so they may face their difficult days.  Pray for the restoration of broken relationships within your own family and others as well.  Then engage your prayers to also include strangers, enemies and those who are inhumanely subjected to abuse and cruelty among the sentient world – including animals which also groan for the full restoration of creation.  Enter into this special time of humbling yourself before God and ask for that full measure of a complete restoration of love’s compassion triggers to be re-sensitized.

Look – Observe Others

Are you a hater of disgusting behavior? Are you a hater of those who are not aligned in the way you think and believe?  If you are, you will most likely not be able to observe what it is that they really need.  Remember, it is not always about physical needs.  Many times it is about the emotional hurts of not being accepted, loved, respected and more.  If this is what your problem is then it is a definite signal that you, because of your own personal experiences of neglect or abuse, have also neglected to obey the UNIVERSAL GOLDEN RULE for social living, If you are experiencing these type of emotionally developed pains of neglect, fear, anxiousness, hatred or abuse, then you will only experience relief through genuine forgiveness and by rekindling your compassion triggers towards others for that is the universal law of love.- “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Observe others and seek to identify from their behavior as to what it could be that they may be lacking.  I urge you, however, to never think that they may be lacking self-esteem or self-confidence because that is all a bunch of humanistic psychological bunk.

When we pray for help in having our compassion triggers re-vitalized and re-sensitized we will begin to recognize the many person-to-person God encounters we will be given.  God will reveal to all of us exactly what the true nature of another person’s needs are.  Ask God “Lord, what is it that You would have me do and say to that person?” and as you engage in that present tense activity of faithing in God, you will come to know that at times it is best to not even say a thing but to just pitch in and help and listen.


We lie “…when we pretend like we really, really, really love the other person when in fact we don’t. We do not love people when we dismiss their story (including their hopes, values, beliefs and convictions). We do not love people when we do not empathically listen to them, as opposed to spending that time formulating a counter-argument. We do not love others when we reduce them to labels, caricatures, or opponents. If we love, then we will find them shockingly beautiful and fascinating creations. We will find their stories riveting. We will radiate affection. Humans know deep down when they are or are not truly loved.” (Tony Kriz is a writer and church leader from Portland, Oregon, and Author in Residence at Warner Pacific College.)

Go – Do The Work of Listening and Serving Others in Need

Every moment is filled with the opportunity to experience a satisfying of your own needs by simply going and meeting the needs of others.  You already love yourself so you need not worry about learning to love yourself first before you help others.  That kind of thinking is also based on humanistic psychology bunk.

Is it not time that we all rediscover our triggers which lead to compassion? 

The activity of active present tense faithing is to live in that presence of God and hearing from Him what it is that requires a denying of my self’s comfort level and stepping out and just being the person of listening love.  Remember, it is not we who live out our life in the flesh, bones and blood but it is the very Spirit of Christ in us. We are to live by His Spirit in our re-birthed human spirit who governs our “self” and lives out His life in us, as us and through us.. If we live by self-effort we are the ones who frustrate the grace of God.

“It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20)

If we do not get this, then we will be engaging in self-effort.  But I need to state here that this self-effort of engaging in compassionate endeavors is most definitely going to help even unbelievers as well.  All human beings will relieve emotional pain as they engage in that activity which seeks to benefit others in their need.  Why is that the case?  Because we do not need to be a Christian in order to benefit from obeying the law of love.  In order to receive emotional pain relief by engaging in compassion, we build a society who cares for our neighbour for we are all social creatures who need others.  But we do need to become spiritually re-birthed new creations in order to have the fullness of joy and peace reign in us and have life everlasting.

A Painkiller with Amazing Results

When we engage in the activity of compassion – it is impossible to love without action, our involvement in the lives of others will temporarily help us forget our own difficulties, hurts and problems.

As we experience our human spiritual life functioning capacity at work in us by way of its amazing forefending system, we come to experience our own emotional thirst and hunger pains which result from NOT engaging in meeting our own needs.  Is it not amazing that when we want our own emotional needs met that we must learn to actively live by the embedded law of love which clearly requires us to do unto others first that what we want others to do unto us?  Our own emotional pains and hurts are actually reduced as we help others deal with their emotional pains. When you are experiencing your own emotional turmoil I would urge you to meet your own need by turning on your compassionate side.  You will definitely notice an immediate relief of your own emotional pains.  Compassion really does work wonders for others first and ultimately in yourself.

Why would a person go to a local shrink or counselor and rely on a physical painkiller when the solution is a spiritual one.  We are so indoctrinated, even within our churches, that all we can think about when we suffer emotional pain is that we must be haveing a mental illness disorder and we run to the pill bottle.

Compassion actually does kill emotional pain.  It kills pain even better than pills, alcohol and smoking pot – all of these are very short term and temporary in their effect on you.  There is scientific research which clearly endorses the therapeutic power of compassion.  You may want to do some more research yourself on this research – according to a study which was published in the “Journal of Experimental Social Psychology”, those individuals who demonstrated high levels of compassion for others were more receptive to social support themselves.  This, therefore, enabled the compassionate ones to better handle acute mental and emotional psychological stresses.

compassion is learned from a young age -helping-others Although the knowledge of the law of love is an inherent aspect of all human beings, in most people, the expression of compassionate behavior remains a dormant and unlearned virtue.

It is an astounding reality that when we engage in fulfilling this inherent law of love which we all know about and too often subdue, we actually get to satisfy our own cravings and desires for love, respect, acceptance, loyalty, faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness and so much more of all that which is intangible but real and spiritual.  But when we are only thinking about ourselves we become the users of other for satisfying our need at their expense instead of the other way around.

When we deny ourselves and expend ourselves in the cause of meeting other’s needs we will experience a satisfying reciprocity fulfillment, within us.  Help alleviate the pain of others first and you will reap the benefit within your own life as well.

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