2 Know myself better is to know what my subconscious beliefs are rooted in and how these beliefs got there.

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Faithing – How do we need to understand it?

Truth is only gray in the minds of those who do not believe in God

Can we believe in lies and at the same time be maturing in our Christian walk of faith?


The act of faithing into the Person of Truth completes any fragment of truth we may have.

If we only believe fragments of truth without faithing we still do not believe in truth.


It is the activity of FAITHING obedience which completes the knowledge of truth we have stored within our conscience and makes truth knowledge a visible reality in the way we live our Christian walk.


A lie is the negating of God’s perfect faithful character.  A lie is that which removes or adds to truth.  A lie cannot exist without truth.

To believe in truth requires us to accept that part of truth which has not yet been revealed to us or understood by us and by faithing we believe that the full and complete answer remains in Christ until He has a purpose to reveal what we do not know.

Our soul is directly controlled by what we believe.  If we do not have the full picture from God’s side, we only have fragments and perceptions of truthfulness. Fragments and perceptions can only be completed accurately when we believe and accept what God says about us, about others and about Himself.

If the complete truth is not accepted we have bought into a lie.
Complete truth must have that elements which acknowledge that God is in control and that I personally, without doubt about His perfect character, believe He is faithful and able to take care of the other fragments not yet revealed to me.

That my friend is what active present tense FAITHING is all about.

Faithing completes truth understanding in us


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