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A Psychopath’s Personality – Soul Development

Psychopathic PersonalitySerial Killers are no different than any other human being –

We all start at being believers in lies

.If every evil act has as its ultimate desired objective a pleasurable outcome – even if it is sadistic and cruel in its progression to get to that pleasurable experience, we are given a glimpse that man is a creature of need.

Is it wrong to desire enjoyable pleasure in one’s life?  No, it is what we all seek, which indicates that we have a desire for that which is good.

But how can this serial killer, who killed 61 individuals in Russia be considered to be good?  It can’t.

What it does reveal to us is that “good” is an essence of sorts that every person knows of  and seeks to experience.

So if there is an ultimate essence of good what does that good look like?

It seems that the ultimate experience of this essence of good must therefore only be able to be experienced by man when in relationship to another human being.

The unalienable presence of this social deference manner is what leads many to consider how we relate to others.  It is that which makes us want to help, brings about altruism and an abundance of volunteer douchery.


We have this need to be kind to others and yet we are not.  And by not being kind we create guilt against the social deference manner which I refer to as the good conscience of mankind.


But what happens when the essence of this good is negated?  If even a small particle is either added to or taken away from something it is said to be compromised.

Although the essence of gold remains the same, if paint is added to it there is then an attempt to negate its essence and that which is by its essence shinny and bright becomes dull and clouded or totally invisible.

Essence always remains true but take something away or add to it and you will soon realize that the negations of that which is good  and self for other oriented soon becomes a self for self orientation.

The search to provide good and do good to others brings great happiness and a deep inner joy to those who participate in the fulfillment of service to others.  If many of us did that we would be experiencing a lot less crime and war.

But when good is negated, it becomes twisted and dysfunctional within the mind.

What then happens is that we observe an inner developing behavior, a personality and a character which is hell bent on self-fulfilling the need for good pleasurable experiences.

In order to achieve this experience of real good pleasure, a person who is a follower of  society’s “me first” philosophy must first deny the essence of truth that real personal pleasure comes from helping others.

Once that “I come first” lie is believed it becomes easier to follow a mental path which says, “I thought I could be like God”.

With that twisted self image of being self-sufficient we believe we must also be self-resourceful.

And thus we strive in a self-directed way to engage in what the “me first and to hell with others” belief demands.

A belief in any lie becomes deeply entrenched habituation within the subconscious mind.

And all such a person thinks about is ‘how can I use the other person for my benefit and take what gives me the great good pleasure I seek for satisfying my need’ – be it for sexual fantasizing and self-indulgence; be it for illusionary self-image self-aggrandizing or be it for esteem building self-worship.

When the essence of what is in truth, in love in good and right is negated we begin to see all manner of behavior and action which is self-serving and self-indulging as any self-interest activity could be.

Look at the world and see greed, murder, theft, cheating, extortion, fraud and online trolling as well as predatory perversion of all kinds and you see exactly what the mind of such individuals is pursuing.

They all seek the essence of good pleasurable enjoyment but when the essence of good, truth, love and right is negated all you have left is a “Give me give me’ and a “Me first” mentality.

What else can we expect other than varying degrees of pursuit in those directions and varying escalations in crimes connected with the various cravings for power, control, influence, domination and economic engineering of society for ones own purposes.

To watch the documentary on this Russian serial killer – dubbed the Chessboard killer click through below.

Chessboard Killer


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